Embedded Video Playback - Storyline 2

Nov 21, 2016

Hi - am having an issue with a Storyline course which won't play embedded video on an iPhone. I have uploaded to our LMS and no issues with running the course  through a desktop. The image appears on the iPhone but will not start playing the video. 

I have looked at previous threads on the subject with the main guidance around checking the size of the slides compared to the maximum size the iPhone can run. The specs I am using are as follows:

- Storyline size - 900 x 630

- Video in H.264 format - MP4

- Embedded video size on slides - 900 x 505

- iPhone 6s - max pixels 1334 x 750

 - ios - 10.1.1

Would appreciate some help and if others have encountered similar problems. My feeling is that this may be an ios issue as I am running the latest build? I've not yet tested on Android so not sure if this will have the same issue.



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Ali Goulet

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out here! This is an issue that's been reported by a few users from various LMS providers and does appear to be connected with the latest iOS update. Over here in this thread, community members have reported that their LMS have released fixes for this and others have reported that it has also been fixed in the beta for a new iOS update. Since that new iOS update hasn't been released yet, I would recommend reaching out to your LMS regarding this in the interim to see if they can provide any information or implement a fix. 

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