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Sep 16, 2016

Videos in Storyline courses do not play on iPads or iPhones that are running iOS 10. I understand that iOS 10 enables inline video (webkit-playsinline). 

Any suggestions regarding a fix or work-around?



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Steve Mansell

Our own - the vLearning Platform ( SCORM eLearning is a component in our blended mix, but a very important one for some tenants so this was something we needed to fix asap!

We use the Microsoft Azure Cloud + Microsoft .NET stack so were affected by this bug. I can't speak for,  but they may be using a different technology that doesn't use authentication cookies in the same way - hence they weren't affected.

Tim Wicks-Frank


Thanks to everyone who shared their expertise to help identify a solution.

After installing iOS 10.2 beta on an iPad, our videos play fine from courses that reside on our internal Microsoft IIS web servers. We'll do more testing, but it seems like the issue was fixed in iOS 10.2 beta.

If anyone knows what caused this issue or what Apple did to fix it, we would appreciate knowing that information. 

Thanks again for the help.


Crystal Horn

Hi Victoria.  I'm sorry you've run into this problem!  I haven't seen anything new on Litmos, but it sounds like Apple has a beta for iOS 10.2 in the works.  Per some user comments above, it seem successful.  We (and the rest of the community in this discussion, hopefully) will post an update once we hear about it!  Thanks for subscribing to this thread.

Mary Channon

No problem - however, we are not on Beta 10.2 and our LMS claims to have done something on their end and pushed out an update - and once they did, our videos/courses were working again. They claimed it was something on their end that needed to be updated in order to be compatible with iOS. We are only on iOS 10.1.1 and all is working now. So I'm not sure then what the fix was, if our LMS actually fixed something or just claimed to have done so - which would be worrisome to me if it was the latter.

Steve Mansell

You are both correct. The issue IS 100% with iOS 10, BUT LMS providers can "work around" the issue as it only affects a particular piece of functionality used to authenticate the HTTP requests for content. 

We've done this because for many of our customers it simply wasn't acceptable to wait for Apple to fix the bug and leave their on-the-road staff without access to crucial content.

Luci H

Thank you all for this. I'm seeing the same problem in our LMS when using a Iphone with IOS 10 and when using an IPad with IOS 9.3.5. Our LMS is Absorb, and same problem there as with Cornerstone and Moodle examples mentioned above. Videos not launching or playing at all.

Thanks to Tim W. for posting this issue. I totally understand Erik H.'s point of view - very unfortunate that this very time consuming issue has arisen. We have a lot of embedded videos in Storyline 2, and would really appreciate an quicker solution;  thank you Susi B. for your suggestion "using a trigger for the video to start media when the timeline of the slide/layer starts works on iPad" - time cosuming but I appreciate this back up option if no other turnkey solution is forthcoming - I'll do some testing to see if I can get that to work. Thanks, L

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