iOS 10 - Playing Videos

Sep 16, 2016

Videos in Storyline courses do not play on iPads or iPhones that are running iOS 10. I understand that iOS 10 enables inline video (webkit-playsinline). 

Any suggestions regarding a fix or work-around?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Luci,

Have you reached out to your Absorb team? As you'll see here, it's been something specific to each LMS with iOS 10 being the latest release from Apple, and Apple has shared that they have a fix in their current iOS 10 beta. As for the LMSs mentioned here, everyone's been great about sharing the update that they're receiving from their LMS team but I haven't heard anyone mention Absorb yet - so you may want to reach out to them directly. 

Victoria Sublette

Litmos has pointed the finger at Articulate now. I just love the way a problem occurs and everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else and waiting for someone else to fix it. Here's the latest from Litmos support:

Matthew Mower, Nov 17, 08:13 PST:

This is mostly something on the side of Articulate so you would need to watch there message broads for notification when it is fixed fully. We are looking into any workarounds but where the main problem is with articulate there does not seem to be anything as of yet. Most likely the fix will come from Articulate sooner then from us.

Thank you,
Matt Mower
Litmos Support

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Victoria,

I saw a few of your replies via email, and the mention that a post here was deleted? I see one noted as "deleted by author" so it does appear that you deleted at least one post, but as far as I can tell there wasn't something deleted by our team.

As for the issues seen in this forum discussion, as you'll see here it's something a few users have experienced in other LMSs and with iOS10. We've tested it out within SCORM Cloud and web servers and haven't run into the same problems - so that's where we've had to rely on the individual users in regards to how it's behaved in their LMS to share that it's something each LMS is also working on.



We have the same issue with videos not playing on iPads using i OS 10.  I am using SL2 (ver.11). 

 To conclude:

·         LMS online modules successfully play video/audio on iPads with i OS 8 and i OS 9 and laptops/PC any browser

·         The same LMS online modules do not play video/audio on iPads i OS 10.

·         We have published these files as a web linked directly without going through our LMS and get the same result (Videos/Audio play on iPads with i OS 8 and i OS 9 but not i OS 10) 


We need your help and advice as this points to I OS 10.




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