Failed Score Not Allowing User To Exit Course On LMS

I know this most likely is not a Storyline issue, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone has ever came across this problem.  I have a published Scorm 1.2 file with one result slide set to 80%. The report status to LMS is set to pass / fail. The results slide appears at the end of the assessment and is working properly. After viewing the Results slide the user clicks next and views a "conclusion" slide where there are two exit buttons. One is a hotspot over "exit" text and the other is the Exit within the player. 

When published to our LMS (SmartPros) everything works like a dream if the user passes the course at 80% or above. The passing score is sent to the LMS and the user can exit the course by clicking any of the two exit options. 

However, if the user fails the course the results slide reflects the correct failed score and allows the user to continue to the next slide by clicking the next button. This is the "conclusion" slide where the user can select the hotspot with a trigger exit this course or the exit function within the player. When the user fails the exit functions disable and the failed score will not report to the LMS. It reports as course incomplete. 

Here are some items we've tried to fix the error: 

Manipulated the published JS file exit behavior to ALWAYS_CLOSE and then to ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP

Changed the triggers on the results slide to submit results on when timeline starts for the first layer AND on the failed and success layers. 

Changed the trigger for submit results to be attached to the Next button and also an Exit button. 

I have also deleted the remaining conclusion slide so that the results slide is the last slide in the course.

Unfortunately, we have found no fix to the issue. We have conducted multiple testing sessions with about six users at a time. We have tested on Mac and windows based machines and have used Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari browsers. We get the same issue with the failed score not allowing user to exit each time on all variations of systems and browsers. 

On another note, it works absolutely perfect on Scorm Cloud. So that tells me that this is our LMS issue, but we've received very little help or support. So I am crossing my fingers that someone out there has any advice or guidance to give. 



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Mark Shepherd

Hi Kimberly:

Hmm.  It's possible your situation is potentially creating an LMS error, but it may also be a Storyline issue as well, or perhaps a combination of both elements.

My suggestion:

Try adding a BUTTON with a suitable trigger allowing the learner to exit the course when they click it, rather than using a HOTSPOT on your Results Slide. 

I would also suggest double-checking to see if you have your Results Slide enabled/selected when Publishing.

It's possible that using a HOTSPOT might be inconclusive for Articulate to pass the correct EXIT message, particularly if the standard Player buttons are also present.

To cover this, I would also urge that you CUSTOMIZE the buttons available on this slide, disabling the PREV and NEXT options, and ensuring that ONLY the EXIT button is available, preventing any issues or confusion from a navigation, if not an LMS processing standpoint.

You should be able to easily do this with both PASS and FAIL layers, so that the user has no choice but to PASS or FAIL, and then immediately EXIT.

Leaving alternate navigation options/paths open is likely what is confusing the LMS or causing opportunities for either the PASS/FAIL to get sent, or the EXIT to get sent at the appropriate time.


Kimberly Wittrock


Thank you for your suggestion. I republished the course so that the last slide in the course was the Results slide. I disabled the Prev and Next button as well, I then added a customized button to the first layer of the Results slide and made it visible on both the Success and Fail layers. I also kept the trigger submit results when timeline starts on all three layers. Unfortunately, it didn't resolve the issue. 

The results are submitting and the course is exiting correctly when the user passes the course (80%) but if they fail it will remain on the slide and the Exit triggers will not work, forcing the user to close out of the window and then the score will not record on the LMS. 

I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond. I also double-checked and I only have one results slide and it is enabled / selected when I publish. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



Christie Pollick

Hi, Kimberly - Thanks for reaching out and I see that Mark has shared some great info here to assist! I wanted to ask, as you mentioned that the course is functionally properly via the SCORM Cloud, if you have had a chance to reach out to your LMS directly for additional insights? You may also want to take a look at this info on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Mark Shepherd

Hi Kimberly:

As Christie alluded to in her response, the only other thing I can think of that might still cause issues potentially on the LMS side might be your Publishing Settings, or by talking to your LMS provider/vendor directly to get some insight as to what settings might work.

For example, in your Publishing Settings, if you are currently using PASS/FAIL, try using PASS/COMPLETE instead.

It's possible you may need your LMS provider or Learning Server Administrator to create a policy for your course to handle the various responses Articulate will send to your LMS, so that the end result translates to a COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE (or, alternately, PASS/FAIL) result for your learners. 

While this is not required for all LMS systems, some older versions of LMSes require this extra level of support and detail.

In Storyline 2, there are 4 possible Publishing Settings, but I'm betting you will likely get a successful result using 1 of 2 of the PASS-oriented settings if that is already working partially.

Note that as with all eLearning, this will take some trial and error, as well as some testing, and some patience. 

It's not always easy to do that, but the good news is I'm sure there will be some combination of settings and support that should work for you.  It's just a question of taking the time to sort that out.  Once that's discovered, you should be golden.

As to the course not exiting properly, that might be a Storyline issue, or possibly a web browser issue

To eliminate this possibility, I would suggest trialing/testing your course using the installed/stock version of Internet Explorer on your systems (typically Internet Explorer versions 9 or 11), as opposed to Mozilla Firefox, for example.

As an alternative, Google Chrome might work best, because (in theory, at least, as well as from what I have discussed with Articulate staff) that is the browser Articulate tends to support most, so if IE fails or gives issues, Chrome might be a good second choice.

After browser testing, my next best suggestion would be to create a trigger that automatically exits the slide once the timeline completes or when you reach a fixed cue point on your Final or Result Slide(s).

In a couple of my courses, I've set my timeline to about 3 or 4 seconds, and then have Storyline automatically end the course as soon as that timeline ends on those associated Final/Result Slide(s).

Hope this helps, and good luck!