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I am creating an advising slide on areas of growth where students want to improve. I have created the check boxes for characteristics that they can select that for ones that apply to them. 

I am creating content that is surveying in what areas students would like to enhance their skills, ie. professionally, technically, socially, etc. 

I have listed various skills underneath the main categorically of skill development. What I want to do is have the students choose the skill applicable to them, such as "select all that apply". Some will only choose certain skills. All of them can be correct, but I want to grade only the ones they choose without them having to select ALL the correct answers. Is this possible? Is it also possible to see which students selected which skills to develop as this is used for academic advising as well?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mark!

I replied to your response in this thread. 

Hi Mark!

Thanks for attaching your file!

For the Area of Further Growth Scene, it would be helpful to add a button to bring the user back to the first slide where you ask "In what areas do you desire further growth?". This would make sure users don't need to click every checkbox in order to return to the main slide. 

In regards to tracking the progress, you'll want to add a result slide to track the information. Don't hesitate to use a blank result slide to track that information!