HELP!! Double Clicking on Submit Button Twice ("Invalid Answer")

Sep 06, 2013

I have noticed not only with my Storyline quizzes but with an example of an Articulate Quizmaker quiz that when you click on the submit button twice and have and answered the question that at times you will get the "Invalid Answer")

NOTE: This happens on Question 2 ( the ranking question). I just rank one item and double click submit it fires off the "Invalid Answer" popup always.

Is there a bug in the software?

Many thanks.

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Ettore.

If I double-click the Submit button on any slide within the example you provided, the first click immediately submits the current slide, and the second click attempts to submit the next slide (which has not yet been answered).  An "Invalid Answer" prompt is expected behavior under these circumstances.

If you're concerned that many of your learners won't recognize that the Submit button should be single-clicked, you could Provide Question Feedback in order to slow the progression to the next slide.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Íde O'Neill

Hello Heroes!

It may be staring me straight in the face but can someone explain the following:

When I open the attached scene and indicate Check Box 3 & 4 as my answer, I immediately get an 'Invalid Answer' error message.  This is my issue.

When I subsequently vary my response and indicate 3 & 4 again, it correctly returns the 'Incorrect' feedback and the score of '0'.

Bewildering... but someone out there knows the answer!

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