Help needed on resume in HTML5 on Moodle

Oct 17, 2017

I am using Storyline 360 and outputting HTML5 only as SCORM 1.2 in Moodle

I am designing a complex project where I want people to revisit the project on resume and have everything saved that they have clicked on and typed into input fields.

So in this example (a quick test) I have a text field with 2 states - normal and selected. I also have an input text allow a user to type into it.

I have the slide set to 'resume saved state' although I also tried 'automatically decide' with no luck.

Anyway on the first use, after selecting the text box and entering text into the input box and exiting and then resuming...nothing is saved...the text box state is reset to normal and nothing is remembered in the input box that was previuosly typed.

I'm probably doing something really stupid...can anyone help?


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David Tait

Not sure how relevant my comment is going to be but wanted to chime in anyway. 

We are developing some courses for deployment via Moodle and it wouldn't play nicely with SCORM 1.2 courses, seemed as though the suspend data limits prevented even small amounts of text-entry data to be saved for future visits. This was no good as we have a lot of user-text-entry exercises throughout.

We resolved the issue by publishing as SCORM 2004 3rd Edition and everything works fine. Also, bear in mind that once you reach the end of the course your suspend data is often cleared so nothing is saved for future visits following completion.

David Tait

Hi Chris,

I mean that whenever the completion/passing criteria you've set has been triggered.

For example if a learner has to score 80% in the test and they do so, the course will be marked as passed, or if the course is being marked as complete based on slide views etc. 

I don't know whether Moodle can be configured to do things differently but I've certainly found that it, and SCORM Cloud both clear the suspend data once a course has been passed, completed etc.

Chris Pim


My HTML5 only project is not resuming properly in Moodle - either SCORM 1.2  or 2004. Even with suspend limits disabled. Worryingly it also is not resuming on SCORM Cloud.

Due to sensitive info. in the project I don't want to share a public version but could send a private version for testing to your support engineers...can you tell me how to do that.


Michael Kerwin

Hello All,

I am was having the resume issue with  a course I've built. It requires learners to view six videos. I created a main menu slide with six graphics I'm using as buttons. When they click on a graphic it takes them to the layer with the video and then back to the base layer. The graphics all have states of visited that changes the graphic to gray and puts a checkmark on the graphic. When people view two or three of the videos and then exit the course, they reopen the course choose resume,  and navigate back to the base layer but no visited states are maintained. I've updated to the 360 update just released. I've also tried publishing in all formats Flash, HTML5, and both with each other for backup.  I changed the course to navigate to individual slides instead of layers and it works now. I have others that require variables to be maintained when resuming so checking those now as well.

Michael Kerwin

Actually I do have another course that has four quizzes to start the course. Each quiz is based on a section of the course material. If they pass a section quiz they are marked complete when they pass all sections the full course is complete. When people are resuming this course the section quiz results are reset to zero.  I don't want to post it here on a public forum, but if there is somewhere else I can send this I will.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kevin and welcome to E-Learning Heroes 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that you are experiencing a similar issue.

  • Can you explain the inconsistent behavior that you are seeing?
  • Is it resuming on the last completed slide?
    • The completion/save is not set until the user moves to a different slide and an external link would not meet this requirement.

If you'd prefer our team to take a look, then with your permission, please share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

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