How do I know Articulate 360 is right for me and my organization?

Nov 09, 2016

I have courses that I developed in previous versions of Articulate Storyline and Studio. How can I take advantage of that existing content with Articulate 360?

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Trina Rimmer

Good news! You can definitely use all the content you created in earlier versions of Storyline or Studio in Storyline 360 and Studio 360. It’s super easy to do, and—bonus!—you can boost your reach with our new responsive player. Once you’ve made a few simple updates, you’ll be able to update your content with all the new, cool tools in Storyline 360 or Studio 360 and it’ll play beautifully on any device.

Here’s a quick overview of how to update a Storyline 1 or 2 project file to Storyline 360. The steps are nearly identical for updating your Studio ‘09 or Studio ‘13 projects to Studio 360, so Studio users take note, too!

  1. In Storyline 360, select the Storyline 1 or 2 project file you want to open. Storyline 360 will prompt you to upgrade your project file. Click “Upgrade” to update your current project and create a backup of your original file.

    Upgrade prompt
  2. Then, your upgraded project will open in Storyline 360. That’s it! Upgrade accomplished.

From here, you can publish your project and upload it to your hosting platform of choice (typically an LMS or a web server). You can also enhance your newly upgraded project with some of Storyline 360’s coolest new features, like dials.

You can also read more about what responsive is and why it’s important for e-learning by checking out this article: What is Responsive E-Learning and Why Does it Matter?

Bruce Stacy

My SL2 files are not working after upgrading and trying to preview them in SL 360. 

After the preview button is clicked, I see the habitual swirly that appears when opening a SL file, and then just a blank area where the course content should be.  

This is happening on ALL of my SL2 files. 

As well, the workspace appears much more crowded and things look actually out of focus in SL360 when compared to SL2.

Please, release SL3 or at the very least, fix SL2 to publish to PURE HTML5, that is the only thing I actually care about.  

iman m

Hi there

our company is currently using storyline 2 but I was wondering if articulate 360 will address the current concerns we have with sl2 and be worth the extra cost.

1. our main problem is that courses published by sl2 create a flash based output and with flash tech starting to get obsolete the courses fail to display properly on some devices(with different browser versions or operating systems) . users may experience slide with the audio or video missing or some experience blank slides or glitches like that. it is emphasized that benefit from premium html5 outputs or html5 only published courses. will that address the issue of flash getting outdated?


2. our users can only view courses on pc or laptop as courses are not properly displayed on tablets or cellphones. most users also express an unsuccessful experience with articulate mobile player. it has been mentioned that 360 (both rise and storyline) are fully responsive to tablets and smartphones. Does that mean that users can enjoy the responsive courses "only if" they have the articulate mobile player or can they have a 100% flawless experience if the use the courses directly through the web using safari or similar android platforms?


3. i have a partner who is doing a phd degree at a renowned university overseas. Does this mean we can use the "education" pricing discount?


thank you :)

Brian Allen
Leslie McKerchie

I understand the question to be the next perpetual version and the 360 version though - and I would need to follow up with the team on that.

That's exactly it, whatever that next perpetual version will be, will it be compatible with 360. We're working thru the same exercise here where I work, and these are the kinds of answers we need to help make the best decision moving forward. Thanks for following up for us on this, much appreciated!

Leslie McKerchie

Well, the answer is that I have no answer at this time. Still in internal discussion and I'm sure you are aware of compatibility discrepancies being the main concern and Justin explains this well here. It is being discussed though, but I just don't have anything to share. Hopefully as we get closer to the next launch of the perpetual version of Storyline, these questions can be better addressed.

Brian Allen

(Again) Thanks Leslie for jumping in and helping with this, I'd not seen that other thread.

I do agree with one of the comments on that thread, in that (from my uneducated view point) it would seem like the best road forward for Articulate would be to make SL360 (subscription) and the next perpetual version one and the same, so that there are no compatibility issues between the two. The only difference between the two would *ideally* be how you pay for it...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dean,

Storyline 360 is not available for Mac OS, so you'd need to run it within a Windows environment on your Mac. For example, I use VMWare and run Windows 10 and another one with Windows 8.1. You can see the steps here for working on a Mac and with items such as Rise and Peek,  Rise is completely web-based, so you can use Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers on your Mac and Peek is a native screen-recording app for Mac.

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