How to edit the "Review" slide in the "fill-in-blank" question

Hello everyone,
I am trying to design a course with multiple choice or "fill in the blank" questions but I am having difficulty removing the green ticked answers considered correct from the "review" slide.

The situation is like this highlighted by another user on this forum.

I found numerous discussions but none of the solutions solve my problem, in the detail it is recommended:
- Remove the check from "show correct / incorrect responses when revisiting" but doing so will not report the correct answers even in the multiple choice questions!
- Edit the layout from Slide master, in doing so, however, it is not possible to remove the green ticks with the correct answers accepted.

I will be eternally grateful if anyone can help me solve this unfortunate problem.

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Hello everyone,
in the end I realized that since there was no real solution I had to choose an alternative solution.
So I preferred to duplicate the entire slide on the "review" level, in order to cover the questions with the green ticks that it proposes articulated.

Thanks everyone, I hope the solution can help.