I need to extract the .story file from our published courses for editing.

Nov 12, 2020

I know this can be done: I did it for two courses last September. Unfortunately, none of us wrote down the procedure.

We have published courses created in Storyline 3 that are in need of editing. How do I extract/download/save just the .story file for editing on my computer?

Hoping someone can help!

Thank you.

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Richard Maloney


Well, this explains why I rarely bake: I'm not good at following directions.

I was sure there was a way of extracting it from our LMS (Moodle 3.5.x). But as usual, I didn't write down the steps or ingredients so....

Thank you. I will definitely post if I find my way through the forest (switching metaphors).

Math Notermans

When you have a Storyline file... '.story' Change the .story extension to .zip you can unpack that Storyline folder to a folder thus able to investigate the complete setup and content of a .story file.

I did a test publishing a simple sample and unzipping a .story to see whether there is some clear reference to find where crossreferences can be found from the published output. 

Quite impossible to find any spot that resembles code from the published output.
Depending on work involved, rebuilding your course is quicker i guess...

Richard Maloney

Hi Math,

Yeah, I think we've all explored the unzipped output in search for the elusive .story file or anything that might be converted in vain.

The inability to extract the .story file from my fully-functional course leaves me back to the problem that lead to this request for help:

This ONE course is not being marked completed by Storyline 3 and not reporting the completion to our LMS. Let me be clear: the error is definitely in Storyline. All other courses I've updated are working fine and we did have this problem a few months ago with this one course - it was a Storyline settings error. The programmer who worked for us then has moved on and is currently unavailable to help.

Has anyone else had this problem with a storyline project?

Richard Maloney

Thank you, Phil. But as I mentioned either in this thread or another, rebuilding the course is not an option. I once considered myself rather proficient in building Storyline (1 & 2) courses. But what our programmer created from my storyboards is far beyond me.

I am using a GFE laptop with very stringent security settings. I believe that is the cause of many issues I've encountered so I'm going to try editing on my personal PC and see how that goes. But honestly, I know the issue is in Storyline, as it was previously when we had a programmer who knew how to reset the erroneous setting. :/

Thank you, all.

If anyone else has had this experience, I'd love to hear from you.

Phil Mayor

If you have the file you can fix it, I doubt you can fix in the published files. Does your programmer have a copy of the file? It is easy to get the publish settings wrong and easy to fix but only if you have the file. You may be able to see what is wrong by running in debug mode or through scormcloud and checking logs, fixing is another matter.

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