iOS7 and Storyline

Sep 18, 2013

Now that iOS 7 is out, I wonder if anyone has had a change yet to test a Storyline project in both HTML5 and Mobile Player App and if there may be any Storyline-iOS 7 issues.

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Gary Baldock

After a bit of testing it seems there is some sort of bug in Safari that occurs when rotating the iPad. All of our courses display as expected when the iPad is locked into portrait view. As soon as the screen rotates to landscape the content becomes too large to view within the browser window and also does not fit when rotated back to portrait. I'm also unable to scroll across the screen when viewing in landscape.

Malcolm Hawkins

Similar thing to Gary.  On the iPhone (in Safari) Lightboxed slides are far too big - outgrowing the screen. This means that slide is cropped and that navigation controls cannot be seen (you can't even close the slide). 

This happens whether the view is portrait or rotated landscape.  Anyone else encountered it - or better yet fixed it!

Brian Savoie

We just encountered a series of functionality problems with the new Articulate App in iOS 7.   The next and previous buttons freeze, interactives are extremely slow, and certain functionality (drag and drop particularly) fails to work.

We can send over courses if you are interested.

These courses are in the field - so we are a bit concerned that users are going to soon be impacted by this.


Brian Savoie

Director, Learning Technology


Katie Bright

I have the same problem of the slides not fitting on to the page in landscape view on i-pad using iOS7 and Safari.  Also, videos are now not playing at all (which were playing ok in  iOS6).  Videos are on YouTube and inserted as web objects and the course is html5 version.

Any fixes would be most welcome as we can't launch the course if the videos don't work!

James McLuckie

I have found an issue with FLV files with alpha channels not working in the latest updated app. Sound is fine, but  the visual elements grind along and don't synch with the sound. I was going to download iOS7 but given what has been posted above I don't think I will! 

I have raised a support case ... but it's all a bit disappointing as I am due to launch these course this week, and looks like I now have an awkward conversation with my client ahead of me!

Antonio Rusinol

Similar problems plus some not mentioned here:

1) Modules make Safari, chrome and dolphin crash and quit.

2) Some objects not visible (for example text-based drag and drop interactions)

3) Some distractors in multiple choice questions (the ones occupying more than one line) don't align properly

4) Background elements in some slides is offset

5) In chrome, if you zoom by double tapping on some parts of  the screen, you cannot go back to normal view and you loose seek bar and "previous" and "next" buttons

6) This one may or may not be related but it is a serious problem for me. When finishing a module on D2L there is no button to "exit and submit" like previously, so all SCORM data is lost.

My course starts in 4 weeks, so I'm felling pretty anxious...


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Antonio and welcome to Heroes! 

Thanks for sharing that here as well - would you be able to submit the information via a Support case so that our team can test your files further? Tracey, feel free to share yours there as well. 

Thanks Nick for the additional information - and I'll add it to the information our QA team has. 

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