iOS7 and Storyline

Sep 18, 2013

Now that iOS 7 is out, I wonder if anyone has had a change yet to test a Storyline project in both HTML5 and Mobile Player App and if there may be any Storyline-iOS 7 issues.

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Leslie McKerchie

For those of you who may come across this thread, here is the current situation:

Issues with iOS7 and Mobile Safari

For Articulate Mobile Player issues with iOS7:

Version 2.15 of the Articulate Mobile Player has been approved by Apple and should resolve this issue.  Click here for instructions on how to update the Articulate Mobile Player app.

Niels Peter Johansson

@Micah: Thank for the fix. It works fine on our iPad2 when testing here.

@Leslie: Thank for the status.

But as I see it the current status is that the QA Team / Articulate are working on a free update to fix the issue.

If you are using iPad as the target device you can use Micahs fix or the Articulate Mobile Player v2.15.

If you are using iPhone as the target device (as we are) you either have to live with that the content is way to large to view, or with Micahs fix which gets it quite small, but view able.

Any advise on how to handle iPhone viewing content? 


Our solution is LIVE and running.

byron tik

Hi Guys,

Regarding James's issue with FLV files,

As a suggestion you could just screen capture the videos in one project from a published file and replace the flv files this way, you may need to split the audio. FLV is not that great for HTML 5 anyway as it loses its alpha channel (to my knowledge). I have played around with it a bit and find that inserting mp4 or avi or captures work well.