iOS7 and Storyline

Sep 18, 2013

Now that iOS 7 is out, I wonder if anyone has had a change yet to test a Storyline project in both HTML5 and Mobile Player App and if there may be any Storyline-iOS 7 issues.

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Leslie McKerchie

Gillian Armour said:

Its an Articulate issue - would be nice if we could have an update - here is more about iPad issues/ ios7  and Storyline:

Leslie McKerchie said:

For those of you who may come across this thread, here is the current situation:

Issues with iOS7 and Mobile Safari

For Articulate Mobile Player issues with iOS7:

Version 2.15 of the Articulate Mobile Player has been approved by Apple and should resolve this issue.  Click here for instructions on how to update the Articulate Mobile Player app.

Gillian, that is the last update that we have on this situation. I replied to your other post here.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

The fixes within the Articulate Mobile Player would appear as an Update within your iPad App Store, or you could follow the directions Leslie shared to update it. 

I don't have a timeline on the update to Storyline mentioned in the KB article, but once it's available we'll post it here, and you can enable Storyline to check for updates to the software on start up as described here. 

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Gillian, and thanks for sharing.

Just to clarify, I think we are talking about 2 very different issues here:

  1. The majority of this Forum Thread is devoted to the fact that HTML5 Content Doesn't Fit in Mobile Safari in iOS 7.  This is definitely a known issue, and it is definitely something that we are working to fix in a free software update for Storyline.  We will be certainly notify this Forum Thread when this happens.
  2. The quote you shared from your LMS provider refers to a very specific incompatibility between one specific Learning Management System (I believe it's called "EDU 2.0") and Storyline's HTML5 output, regardless of iOS version.  Without getting into too many technical details, this specific LMS provider uses a technique called an "HTTP 302 Redirect" in order to lessen the load on their servers and offload this work to the cloud, and this technique appears to not be working very well with our HTML5 output right now.  Although we are not aware of other Learning Management Systems that redirect content in this way, we will continue to communicate with your LMS provider on this.  A great way to confirm whether or not this problem is specific to your LMS is to test your content in SCORM Cloud, which is an industry-standard tool for testing SCORM output.

If you have other questions or concerns regarding this specific LMS incompatibility, Gillian, I would recommend submitting a Support Case or starting a new Forum Thread, so as to avoid cluttering this thread with unrelated conversation.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Misha Milshtein

Micah's solution seems to work, and I wonder if Articulate is planning on releasing the update soon, because we have a bit of a dilemma.


because of what was discussed on this thread. Update 2 is needed for the files to work on iOS7 



because of the LMS issue described on this thread

Steve Cicci

Ok.  So this thread is back to end of September.

Is there any new news?  Staff > can you provide updates for us?  Is there a patch on the immediate horizon.

Can't speak for others, but this is a HUGE black eye that needs some official addressing by Articulate. 

Please, lets get some information on when this patch will arrive.

Thank you.

Steve Cicci

Micah White said:

Here's a modified storyline_compiled.js

I would back-up my old one and try this, and then run your presentation on iPad

You wrote: "I've narrowed this down to the player.initIOS function in the storyline_compiled.js

Swapping the pre Update 3 function block .... "

SO: Question is > are you swapping out the entire new JS file with the old JS file,

OR : are you locating some specific funtion (lines of code) and swapping at that level?

ASKING BECAUSE:  I am not a JS code reader or programmer, so I need some further assistance with locating where in the file specifically the change/swap needs to occur.  

Thanks for your help and assistance.


Mike Song

I am still having the exact same problem with Update 4.  I am uploading my file to Moodle 2.0 and it is still too big to see the image on an iPad 2 that has the latest ios7 update.  The problem is not there on Scormcloud but definitely still there on Moodle.  In fact, I had the Articulate Premium Support team create the zip file on their system because they felt maybe I did not have the latest upgrade.  

Articulate Mobile Player is not an option as I work with mostly F500 clients with thousands of employees. 

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Mike.

Would it be possible for you to share a screen capture of the problem you are seeing in Moodle?  I ask because this Forum Thread demonstrates an issue where the LMS seems to be adding content to the page that is pushing the course slightly off of the screen, and this problem has been frequently reported in Moodle as well.


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