Is anyone else having issues with Storyline 3 not getting along with SnagIt?

I just upgraded to Storyline 3 this morning. This afternoon, while trying to grab screenshots with SnagIt 12, SnagIt has been freezing when my cursor enters the Storyline Preview area (i.e., the area where I want to capture something). Most of the time, SnagIt stops working completely, and I have to restart it. FYI: This does not happen when capturing other screens, e.g., SnagIt does fine over Word and PowerPoint. It only has issues with Storyline 3, only when Previewing, and only when my cursor enters the area showing the course.

Anyone else encountering this sort of thing?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Judy.  I did a quick trial of Snagit 13:

I used the screen recording function over my Storyline 3 project, and once I hit record, I went into Preview my project.  I interacted with the slide during preview, and I was able to successfully record and playback in Snagit.

So I'm not sure what could be happening here!  Is that your same process with your instance of Snagit?  Have you also reached out to Snagit support?

Judy Nollet

Hi, Crystal,

I was only trying to capture an image of the slide, not record a screencast. SnagIt works as expected -- until my mouse moves over the slide area in Preview. Then it freezes. I never had problems capturing screenshots from Storyline 2; this only started happening after I upgraded to Storyline 3. Somehow, that doesn't seem like a coincidence. However, I also realize that my version of SnagIt (12) isn't the latest version, so that may be a contributing factor.