Issue with mouse hovered over triggers


I'm working on a project where I need to have certain objects change state when a different object is hovered over. 

Unfortunately, it is not performing reliably. I think the mouse movement isn't being tracked properly, which leads to states that flicker and eventually get stuck if the mouse is moved across them too quickly:

mouse hovered over trigger issue

Here is the flash output (Tempshare, so link will expire in a few days) and here is the HTML5 output.

I've attached the .story file. 

After reading this thread, I tried adding different exit animations to the 'White' state (see file) and while this cleaned up some of the flickering, it also led to the normal state getting stuck more frequently.

Any ideas?


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Matthew Bibby

Thanks Wendy, yes, they are all the same size. I'm not using hover states at all in this interaction, rather using 'mouse hovered over' triggers to control the state of the other objects.

I built this sample file to rule out any issues with the images that I was using (I suspected the small delay might be due to the images loading), but it hasn't made any difference. 

Walt Hamilton

I don't understand it, but somehow the cursor moves off without registering that it has. Hover is a great function, but has limitations. I tried triggering changes from state change, and somehow that doesn't work very well, either.

I'm not sure the attached is what you want, but at least I don't see the black flickering, and I couldn't get it to freeze, at least not in preview.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for sharing your file here- do you only see this upon publish? I tested in preview and publish (also uploaded to Tempshare here) and after hovering over them all for a period of time I didn't get stuck or see an odd flicker. Granted with the number of times I watched them appear/disappear I may have gone a little nutty. ;-)   Here is a video of how I see it in preview as well. 

Matthew Bibby

Hey Ashley,

You're right, it's isn't getting stuck when published, I wonder if that was happening because the mouse went out of the preview area? 

The flicker is still present in the version you published. The attached GIF hopefully demonstrates it clearly, but it seems to only occur when the mouse is moving from left to right.

Any ideas why this happens? Thanks for your assistance.

Ashley Terwilliger

HI Matthew,

What browser are you viewing it in? I generally test in Chrome so that's where I was viewing this but am curious if you're seeing it only occur in a different browser set up I could test.   I didn't see any flicker in my published or preview output - although I don't think I let my mouse leave the preview window either as you mentioned. 

Matthew Bibby

Hi Ashley,

Originally I had tested in IE11 (Win) and Safari (Mac).

I just tested the published flash output in Chrome (Mac) and noticed that the flicker isn't present, but it did get stuck after moving the mouse around a bit. 

I then tested the HTML5 output in Chrome which had the flicker issue when moving the mouse from left to right. 

Matthew Bibby

Thanks for passing that on to support Ashley. Eloisa has confirmed that they are able to reproduce the issue and have submitted the case to QA for review. I'm using Chrome Version 46.0.2490.71 (64-bit) and the freeze is happening rather quickly in the flash output (see attached).  

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Matthew - and glad we could get you into a case to confirm. It's one of those things it's better to have a few eyes look at since we were having inconsistent results. We'll be in touch via your case and here in the forums once there is additional information to share, but as Eloise mentioned we cannot offer a time frame in regards to when we'll hear back from our QA team or have additional information to share - so I appreciate your patience.

If there is anything else we can assist with, please let us know.