Issues Tracking with Workday Learning (LMS)

Dec 11, 2017

We recently moved to Workday Learning as our LMS. Since then we've been running into issues where Rise articles and Storyline 360 learnings are not tracking correctly or consistently. Workday is telling us that it must be a problem with our wrapping (SCORM). I can't see what we're doing wrong. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a special step we're supposed to take? 

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Ryan Frasch
Martin De La Yncera

So we noticed that if a course is not completed when accessed originally, those users report issues completing the training, and Workday does not report successful completion. We use SCORM 2004 V4 Passed Fail. From reading most of the posts here, I heard that the most successful with Workday is to use (Complete / Incomplete)  or (Passed / Incomplete). I will start using these settings, and if I see any improvement, I will post them here.

Hi Martin,

My testing with WD Learning has shown that the best method is to use Passed/incomplete.  With complete/incomplete, if a users fails a quiz and closes the browser, they're not able to get a passing grade recorded to their learning history at all.  

Ioanna Papanikolaou

Hello everyone!

I am also interested in getting an answer on the below question: 

Can Workday report individual question scores in a quiz? So not only the total score, but which questions the learners got right/wrong.

Which is the right SCORM format and version to use? Also, which status should we use if we want to track the score of the quiz made with Rise? 

Thank you,


Landi Jacobs

Hi all,

I initially published as SCORM 2004, Vs4, Passed/Incomplete and Workday was running great with this up to middle of this first quarter. Now it is showing problems with freezing while the learners are busy with their quizzes. I have now started publishing to SCORM 1.2, Passed/Incomplete. And so far so good.

@Swapnil: When loading your content onto Workday, there is a field that you need to click to show the score in Workday as shown in this image:

Cassie Nii

Hi everyone!  

I have inherited Workday Learning and got SCORM files to work from Articulate 360 and Rise 360.  Does anyone know how you can see the response interaction data in Workday Learning?  I see the complete and percent, but what I want to know is what items they got wrong in the course.

Mahalo for any kokua (help) on this one.