Jumping positions to Cue point

Mar 07, 2013

Hello All,

I am working on a project and i need to jump the time line position as per the cue points i have created.

In the below screenshot, I have created two Buttons i.e. Button 01 , Button 02.

When clicked button 01, the timeline needs to jumped to Cue point 01 and same for Button 02.

As the storyline doesn't provide Jump to trigger, kindly suggest me the workaround to achieve this.

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Cathy DeBurro

Has there been any update on this?  i have a 4 minute slide with 3 topics on it.  The main audience is new hires - who need to listen to it all as one singular point, but for existing reps, I want it to be Just in Time learning...taking what they need when the need it if they need it. I don't want to rebuild this slide for the minority of users... but I still need to include those who are more advanced.  I wanted to set a hidden ToC on the slide that will pop out and contains the 3 topics where they can click on whichever they want - and it will take them to that point in the story slide to get the info that they need and then bring them back to the ToC when that section is done.  There are a lot of moving parts in this and the rebuild would be brutal.

Any thoughts?   Thanks as always for your help!


Scott Wiley

Hi Cathy,

Maybe if you share your file someone could come up with something based on the type of media and/or functionality (moving parts), but I'm not aware of an easy workaround on something like this.

You might have to break your content into separate layers, or slides, to be able to navigate between the different topics.

Brian Allen
Cathy DeBurro

Any thoughts?

Agree with Scott on separate layers or slides... I hate to add more moving parts to your process but I've done something similar in the past where I ask them their role at the beginning (new hire, etc.) and store that away as a variable.

Then when I reach role-specific content, I direct a new hire to the full content slide, direct role "B" to a slide that only has content specific for that role, etc.

Basically branched navigation based on the value of the variable, then I usually bring the branches back together into the main path.

Hope this makes sense and helps!

Brian Allen
Walt Hamilton

but here's a sample that does what you seem to be describing

Great sample Walt - and for the LMS piece, I really like the new trigger in SL 360 that allows you to send course completion on a specific slide, or slides if you end your course on multiple branches.... https://articulate.com/support/article/storyline-360-course-completion-trigger

Scott Wiley

I guess it can depend on one's definition of interactive. If the intent is to only jump to a point in a single file, that might be considered low-level interactivity.

I've often thought of interactive video only meaningful to the user experience. When I've created activities of this nature, I thought of the video only as another form of media, like an image or audio clip. The videos were all separate clips that would end at a decision-making point. Depending on the choice the user made, they would then be served one of several possible "outcome" video clips. So basically multi-branching scenario with video as the main form of media.

In this case, the need for jumping to a point in a single file is not necessary and the workarounds mentioned above become the more logical way to go.

Hope it's food for thought anyway.

Rob Wilson

I'm currently testing out Storyline 360 (currently a Captivate user).  I too am missing this functionality in Storyline i.e. the ability to add interaction to a video by allowing users to jump to various time point within it.  Captivate has the ability to add named bookmarks to the video timeline and add click boxes that pause and jump to these bookmarks depending on the selection a user makes.  This allows me to create cool branching video scenarios where the user controls and selects the progression.  The video is linear, however the use of bookmarks on the timeline and click boxes gives the illusion of branching, with the user simply skipping through the video and jumping to the selected bookmarks.  On road testing Storyline I'm missing this extremely useful function that could be the deal breaker in moving from Captivate to Storyline.  The lack of such a useful function seems madness in this age of interactive video.

Sarah Berry

I'm missing this functionality, too, in particular because there's also no simple way to toggle audio on/off by slide. I have lesson intro slides with audio and don't want the audio to repeat when a user returns to the lesson intro, but I also want the audio available if they replay the slide from the beginning. I thought I'd create a variable to jump the user to a cuepoint at the end of the timeline when they return. Please create this basic feature!

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