Linking sliders in Storyline

I'm looking for any examples and techniques for linked sliders in Storyline.  I saw this short Bright Carbon video but when I search for that topic I can't find any existing discussions.


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dave faldasz

Hi D!

Good excuse to dig into the handy topic of sliders.

I did a little poking around and came up with a sweet example done by Piotr!
That is an unseen slider that moves the black ? across the screen!
(see attached video of his app)
here's the link to his explanation and his demo:

here are a few more URLs that discuss slider applications.

What are you wanting to do? Maybe someone can rough something up for you in here and post it.

I want to build a products carousel for my current task and this might just be the way to do it...
I attached a little demo I built to experiment with the slider features. hope that helps.

- dave