Merge Shapes Feature

Feb 12, 2019

Hi guys,

It just came in my mind if we could add a "Merge Shapes Feature" like "PowerPoint" in Storyline so It can be quite helpful to create interesting shapes and picture place holders and make storyline more creative.

Thanks in advance!

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Aptive Training

I'd also like to add a vote to this. This is a much-needed feature.  For example, if I use multiple shapes to make up an object and then group them it presents a variety of problems. First, if I want to effectively edit those shapes on the timeline I need to "ungroup" them and work with them individually, which can be very frustrating if you're trying to clean up your timeline. Second, If I'm trying to subtly fade out a visual that is created with multiple shapes the fact that they were all separate become apparent to the learner during the fade (you can see each individual shape as they fade away instead of a single object fading).