Merge Shapes Feature

Feb 12, 2019

Hi guys,

It just came in my mind if we could add a "Merge Shapes Feature" like "PowerPoint" in Storyline so It can be quite helpful to create interesting shapes and picture place holders and make storyline more creative.

Thanks in advance!

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Nicholas Pistor

This "Merge Shapes" function is absolutely needed.  This is especially so because of the fact that when you place an Icon, they are sometimes imported as a group of shapes and not one shape.  Then it's impossible to combine them (obviously, that's why we're here), then because of this, you cannot edit the states of this "Icon".  This should be considered a huge flaw in the UI.  Both the importing of the "Icon" and editing states are essentially broken at about 50% of the time.  This forces me to either search by trial and error for an icon that is all one piece (they all should be!) or create edited states and triggers for each piece. Completely absurd.  What a waste of time.  Place "Icons" that come in as grouped pieces = broken.  Can't edit states on a grouped item = broken.  Can't merge shapes = broken.  It's been 3 years, SMH.

Edit: Can't create trigger for group of items = broken

Edit # 2: OK folks, if I can complain I should be willing to help as well.  I have found a workaround for my particular issue and thought it might help someone else.  Here goes.  I find that if I select all but one piece of my icon (ungroup first and do not select the most prominent piece), copy the selected items, then delete them.  Select the "prominent item" that you left behind and edit the states of this item.  Deselect the item within the state editing mode, then paste the missing items you previously copied and deleted.  Now this Icon is basically one item with only the prominent piece as the "handle".  From there you can copy/paste the state to edit different stats, such as "active" or "selected".   Be sure to select all your items of the "icon" inside the state editing mode before adding effects.

Note: these "in state" pieces do get a bit wonky if you start changing the shape or size of the icon after implementing this workaround.  So do this last.