Multiple numeric entries for one question



I have searched and found some answers, just wondering if there is another way. I want the user to input a number in each of 5 fields. They all have to be correct to get the question correct. I will have 5-10 questions in total.

Should I create a variable to keep track of the score? How would I tie this variable to the results page?



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Sanju T

I got this story file from a similar thread.It was originally just the first three fields. All 3 needed to be correct to pass. You get a score of '1'.


I added 2 new fields (1+4 and 1+5). Now I can't get it to work. I can't see how it's evaluating whether or not all check boxes are checked, and that would mean a pass. I am probably missing something very obvious, but I am stuck. Any help is appreciated!


Sanju T

Actually, just noticed something. If I answer one of the questions incorrectly, then change it, it works fine (the checkbox gets checked).

If the first answer is instead correct, then I change it to an incorrect answer, the checkbox stays checked. Therefore it acts as if the user got the question correct (even though they changed it to a wrong answer).

Am I missing something here, or is this the default way Storyline deals with this?



Sanju T

Hi Leslie!

Thanks, but I see something a little off. When I input incorrect answers, I get a 'You must complete the question...' popup instead of the 'Incorrect' popup.

My set up was to check each textbox input for a correct response, then if correct, put a check in the checkbox. Same thing for each textbox input and their corresponding checkbox. The Multiple Response interaction submits as correct if all checkboxes are checked.

Sanju T

noticed something....If the user gets all entries wrong, then none of the checkboxes will be checked, and SL gives a 'You must complete all questions' popup'.

Is it possible to add conditions to the Multiple Response trigger to submit only if all textfields are not null? Many of the answers are zero, so I need to check if something is actually entered in the fields. Not sure if this would work since the trigger is tied to the checkboxes, not the textfields.