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Thorsten Zimprich

I love that workaround. It worked for 2 text entry fields but now I used 5 and don't get an error it produces. Here is the problem description:

  • I click on first entry field, enter correct text
  • I click into 2nd field like a user would do as well and enter correct text
  • I repeat that for all 5 fields
  • then I tested
    • A - clicking somewhere inside quiz area to trigger focus change and afterwards I click on submit button --> Error message like "that form is not properly filled, please enter all text"
    • B - clicking directly on submit button --> even if answers are correct I get lead to retry screen

I am sure it is just a small detail I tried to find by checking my trigger rules. Has anyone any idea?


How can I display content of the entry variables to see which variable isn't working like I believe it should do?

(would help debugging)

Thanks in advance




Thorsten Zimprich

I find out how to display Variables = %NAME% and displayed all 5 Variables. In copied file with just the quiz I debugged it and it worked. Did the same thing on main file. Variables are going to be displayed and entered correctly, but it doesn't work in the end because Articulate tells me that not every variable was entered, although debug fields tells me that every variable is filled in correctly! ARRRRGH

Thorsten Zimprich

I guess I found the reason and it is a sad story to tell. It seems to have to do something with brackets. My quiz is about citation therefore I have to test the students about their knowledge of these things: [...] , [sic!] , 'QUOTED QUOTE' , and so on. I guess Articulate doesn't convert brackets into text? Which means code injection may be possible?  But it means that articulate could work weird like explained above because it has problems to distinguish code brackets and text brackets.

Kat Hemann

I set up a table with multiple text entry fields, using the logic shown in this video. Correct answers trigger the Correct layer and incorrect answers trigger the Incorrect layer. However, I want users to retry answering any incorrect fields. I set the text entry fields to equal blank if they are not equal to the correct answer. All of this works correctly.

My issue is when I click the "Submit" button a second time, upon retrying the question, the Invalid Answer prompt appears and says "You must complete the question before submitting." 

I've experimented with resetting the slide to Initial/Resume State but cannot find the solution. Any ideas???

Diana Myers


Do you have your interaction set up for multiple attempts? I have a similar project, though in mine I provide a "Clear all" button on the main slide.

And once you have the interaction set to Unlimited or a specified # of attempts (1st image), you'll show the Try Again layer instead of Incorrect, and you'll have the trigger(s) to clear the incorrect fields to on the Try Again layer, too. Keep in mind, you can also add buttons (2nd image) on the Try Again layer if you want to give learners the option of viewing answers, jumping to another slide, etc.

Hopefully that makes sense. I'm happy to help you trouble-shoot further--just reply or reach out using the Contact Me link on my Articulate profile. Good luck!


Kat Hemann

Thanks for the suggestions Diana! I'm attaching the Storyline file in case you can take a look further... 

I do have the Attempts set to Unlimited and did I set up triggers to clear the incorrect fields, however, the question is now only showing the Try Again layer, even when all 4 correct entries are submitted. I added a NOTE for you with the correct values for each Text Entry field.

My goal is to allow users to retry the entries that are incorrect, but if this is too complicated, I like your option of including a View Answers button that displays in the Try Again layer. 

Thank you!

Diana Myers


The reason it shows the incorrect layer is that the Change State of Correct BTN to Correct if... and the Change State of Incorrect BTN if.. triggers are evaluated once the first TextEntry variable changes...  That set up would only work if the field for TextEntry is the last field updated.

I moved the two offstage buttons onto the slide and added the variable references* into the red text box so that I could see what was happening in real time. Take a look at the attached video to see what I mean about the timing of the correct/incorrect buttons changing to their selected state.

You've got a couple of options for how to move forward.

  1. You can indicate the order of text entry fields and then base the state change trigger on the last TextEntry variable change. This would rely on the user following the proscribed order of entry, so it might not be the best solution.


  2. You can update the triggers to change the state of the offstage buttons when the user clicks the Submit button. I've attached my version of your .story file, but the attached image shows the new triggers--just keep in mind that the order of the triggers matters. You want the conditional change state triggers to occur first, then the trigger to submit the interaction, then the show layer triggers. See it work in the 2nd video.

Hope this helps. Again, let me know if you have any questions. Diana

* Inserting a variable reference isn't always obvious, but I love doing it  during development and testing because it lets me see what's happening as the variables update. you can always move any variable references offstage once you confirm everything is working correctly.

Kat Hemann

Wow Diana thank you so much!!!

I truly appreciate you taking the time to not only explain the correction, but also provide a screen cast and updated file. I used your approach outlined in option 2 (updating triggers/order) and it works beautifully! This is a great way to create freeform questions and I will definitely utilize it from now on :) 

For anyone experiencing a similar issue: Where things went wrong for me is that I was setting the Correct/Incorrect Buttons to change to the Selected state When Variable Changes instead of When User Clicks Submit Button. The second part was correct, On Condition: TextEntry = __... so it was the middle trigger that was wrong. The .story "Test_File_Updated" shows the correct set up and trigger order. 

Indrani Sen

Hello Friends,

So, I am trying to create a 'Text Entry' Quiz. I am aware that users who often type incorrectly may have the correct answer with incorrect spelling. As a workaround, I have created a glossary listing the correct spelling.  However, I have noticed that users still get it wrong and make mistakes.  Is there a way the quiz will be able to autocorrect the spelling?


Thanks so much.




Jerry Beaucaire


I use Javascript to search some answers for a unique word or string of characters that users typically always get right.   In all your misspellings, is there a unique string that invariably is there and would indicate they have the right idea?

In my question, the user typically enters a sentence.  Since there is no way to predict exactly what they would type, I simply search for the word "plug".  If the word is in the answer anywhere, I change their answer to the correct answer so the question is then marked as as correct.

var player = GetPlayer();
var str = player.GetVar("TextEntry2");
var n = str.search("plug");
if(n >= 0){

In your situation, you can adapt this code to search for any short string that might always be there, something you can rely on all the misspellings.  

This could be adapted to search for 2 or more different possible strings, as well.


This code would go onto a trigger that is executed when the TextEntry box loses focus.

Claudia Trapp

Did the "insert Data Entry Text Entry" button disappear with recent versions of Articulate? I'm trying to create something where the learner has to enter multiple  fields (in this case, grab the right numbers of an example to do a calculations). Old conversations on this seem to point to a button I can’t find.