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David Jones

Hi All,

I know this is a mega old thread but hoping someone can help out still...

I followed the original video which worked a treat, however I've come across an issue where if someone fills in all of the input boxes correctly, aside from 1, it will throw the error asking me to complete the question before submitting.

My initial thought was to create more triggers factoring in 1 wrong answer across all of the input boxes but then realised this can soon turn into a learner getting 2/3 or however many wrong.

The incorrect trigger is only looking for ALL of the answers being wrong, rather than a single or multiple being wrong. 

I've attached my source file along with a screenshot of what the correct answers should be and the error I'm getting when only 1 answer is wrong (same message shows for multiple, but not all, incorrect answers).


Wendy Farmer

Hi David

change the conditions on your incorrect trigger to OR not AND. For the correct layer to display AND is what you want, but for the incorrect layer to display you want it if xx isn't equal to 17 or yy isn't equal to 8 - any of those will return an incorrect layer. Hope that helps. I've attached your updated story file.

Diana Myers

Hi Christopher - 

Happy to help and hopefully answer your question on this.  The "workaround" Jeannette created assumes that all of the entries must be correct for the learner to get the exercise correct, which is independent of the points assigned to the interaction or any points value assigned to each text entry box.  

Do you want to have multiple text entries that are each graded independently on the same interaction?  Any additional context may help us find a solution for you.  Thx.

Diana Myers

Hi David - Sorry you are having trouble with this solution.  I took a look at the file you shared, and it seems that you have one trigger out of order.  The "submit interaction" trigger should be executed after you either change the Correct button or Incorrect button to selected based on the text entries.  

As soon as you move that trigger after Change the state of button 2 - Incorrect...  then your interactions works as it should.  

Hope this helps - good luck!

Christopher Dawes

I have a table that users must complete. I want each cell in that table to be worth one point. However, each answer is relative based upon the randomly generated data set. I currently have this activity set up as a practice activity for learners. I want to remove the "More Practice" button, and simply score the results and then send that score to the LMS.

I found this response earlier from Ashley Terwilliger, but not sure exactly how to set it up.

"Since the multiple text entry is a custom question set up, it won't be included as a part of the results/scoring - so you'd need to set up another question to track the value of that question. Since multiple choice questions allow you to score by answer, you could set it up to "select" the answer that matches the score the user is to receive based on the text entry. You could either move all the items off screen and add additional information there for the user to see - or set it up as a "jump to slide next slide " when timeline starts - and just ensure that trigger appears after the one to set the state of the question. "

Fernanda Andrade


I have watched Jeanette's tutorial and read the threads, however I can't make the interaction work. 

I have attached a Story file that is not working properly. No matter what I enter and then hit Submit, it shows an "Invalid" response. 

However, if I click on the "Correct" or "Incorrect" buttons and then hit Submit, the interaction works. 

Could someone help?

Thanks in advance!

Patty Zerneke


I know i am coming to the party late on this question, so i hope someone will still respond. I tried building my fill in the blank question with multiple fields, correct, incorrect buttons off to the side, and arranged my triggers correctly. I am still getting the prompt 'you must answer the question before submitting' even after all the items are filled in (filled in correctly, not correctly, didn't matter, same response). 

I am working in Storyline 3.... any suggestions?


Jerry Beaucaire

Not sure if this is helpful, but I gave up on the FILL IN THE BLANK thing, there's just so many variations and misspellings and Spanish/English/Canadian.... ugh.  Add multiple blanks in one question... not for me.

I opted to switch to multiple drag and drop instead.  Say I have 2 blanks to fill... I make one blank into a red outline box and put 4 words off the left in red they can choose to drag to there.  Then a blue box target and 4 more blue outline words on the left.

This is easy to set up, eliminates verbal variety, and gives me the chance to be "funny" with one of the red/blue options, put words that make a hilarious result when both are tried.

My two cents.