Multiple Text Entry Quiz

Aug 12, 2012

Hi and Good day to everyone.

Can it be possible to create a multiple 'Text Entry' Quiz in storyline?

3-4 text entry that the user will answer to fill in the blanks?

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Kandice Dickinson

Thanks for the video! I am wondering if you can change the triggers to allow the answers in any order. for example:

"Violets are _____, Roses are ________."
if the acceptable answers are blue and red, but i do not care what order they are filled in the blanks, how do i set up that trigger?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Kandice -- I see that you have reached out to Jeanette specifically, but as she may no longer be subscribed to this thread, you would be welcome to reach out to her specifically via the 'Contact Me' link on her profile page. 

And I also see that Wendy has offered you some guidance, as well. Please provide any additional details in order to assist you further!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kandice

see if the attached works for you.  I have created two offstage ovals that will change state when the first variable is entered and the second variable is entered.  I have then used these oval states to trigger the correct / incorrect buttons to be selected.

Everything is onstage now so you can see the changes happening

Hope this helps you

Annie Fontaine

Hello everyone.

I am a fairly new Storyline user and I am trying to build a multiple text-entry question for which text entries have multiple possible answers...

I am using an approach similar to that described in Jeanette Brooks' tutorial, except I have "intermediate" buttons being used with variables to help deal with the multiple answers issue.


I have 7 text entries (named TextEntry3 to TextEntry 9)
I have 13 hidden buttons, 3 of which (Button 3, 6 and 13) are used as the Pick Many correct answers.

Buttons 1 and 2 trigger button 3, based on the values of TextEntry3 and 4)
Buttons 4 and 5 trigger button 6, based on the values of TextEntry5 and 6)
Buttons 7 to 12 trigger button 13, based on the values of TextEntry7, 8 and 9)

The expected answers are:
TextEntry3 and 4: itu, ipf (in any order)
TextEntry5 and 6: ipvg, ipvd (in any order)
TextEntry7 to 9: ipi1, ipi2, ipi3 (in any order)
Case does not matter.

I know it's not elegant (to say the least!), but shouldn't it work?
I add my file here if anyone can offer a hint.

Thank you very much!

(PS: If I only check one of the correct answer buttons in the Pick Many answer grid, the slide behaves OK. I have problems when checking more than one. Not sure if it has to do with the sequence of triggers...)

Mark Nolker

I just tried my hand at this and found that I could get the same results with a lot fewer if then statements by using a Multiple Response question and changing the state of the checkboxes to selected when the user selects submit if the text entry variable equals what I want it to equal. I then put the checkboxes in the background so that they are not visible and Story line does all of the work for me. I am open to ideas and thoughts about this solutions.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Mark, sounds like an interesting set up! The cool thing about Storyline is you can often accomplish a task in a number of different ways, so find the way that works for you! If you're able to share a copy of the .story file here so that others could take a look that's also always a great idea and way to give back to the community! 

Anita greenberg

Hello. I know yours was an old post (4 years ago) but I'm struggling with this issue now. This video was helpful to a point. It doesn't explain how to convey to Storyline which words, when typed into the text fields, are the correct words.  It's no longer a text entry question, since the first step in the video is to convert it to a Freeform Pick-1 question.

I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks much,


Diana Myers

Hi Anita - it's in Jeannette's video, but it's hard to see (or least it was for me... the video wouldn't go full screen).  

You use conditions on the triggers to tell Storyline which words are correct.  
For example - the trigger to select the correct button would look something like this: 

Change the State of [Correct Button Name] to Selected
When user clicks
The Submit button
TextEntry1 is equal to Value [correct answer] AND
TextEntry2 is equal to Value [correct answer] AND
... repeat as many conditions as needed based upon the number of text entry fields ...

The trigger to select the incorrect button would look similar:

Change the State of [Incorrect Button Name] to Selected
When user clicks
The Submit button
TextEntry1 is not equal to Value [correct answer] OR
TextEntry2 is not equal to Value [correct answer] OR
.... repeat as many conditions as needed based upon the number of text entry fields ...

Additonal Notes:  

  1. If capitalization doesn't matter, you probably want to use the "is equal to (ignore case" and "is not equal to (ignore case)" options for the conditions.
  2. For the trigger to select the Incorrect button, be sure to change the conditions to OR statements.
  3. Make sure the two triggers to change the state of the Correct and Incorrect buttons are listed above the trigger to Submit interaction

Hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have other questions or get stuck!

Cheers !