My Layers are not Showing in Preview?

Hi Articulate Community,

My layers stopped showing up.  I see it when I develop, but not when I preview the slide.

I thought I may have checked a box somewhere, so I created a new slide with a base layer with just a text box that says "hi" and I create a new layer with a text box that says "there."  Only the "hi" shows up.  Is there a project-wide setting that would not allow any layers to be visible?

Thank you,

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Nate Scarritt

On my trigger pane I am seeing the standard 2 for next/previous, but on top of those 2 are:

"Show layer Animation - When the timeline starts"
"Show layer Top Layer - When the timeline starts"

I am putting it all on the base layer now, but am hoping that I don't have to use workarounds on the software I just got..

Nate Scarritt
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Sandra Collins

I don't have those triggers in the version you posted. Regardless, you can't show two layers simultaneously. I added the trigger to show one layer, and it works fine.

If I were creating this, I would put everything onto the base layer. There isn't really a reason that I can see to put things on different layers. Just creates more work for yourself. This isn't a workaround - this is the way the software is designed to function.

Usually, you would put something on a different layer if you want it to show when the user does some action on the base layer. For example, have a button on the base layer that says, "Read more..." and when the user clicks it, the Read More layer shows with more info. 

Jillian Canode

Hello! I, too, am experiencing layer failure. When I click the brain, it displays the layer it should, but then I can't click the other icons (or shapes I made to fit over them for easier clicking). when I click the clipboard first, I can click the heart after, but not the brain. I've done lots of slides like this before, but I am not seeing where I went wrong.

What am I missing?

Thanks! I attached the file.

Jillian Canode

Hi Sandra,

On other slides I've built like this, I've had hide other slide layers checked, and they still function as intended. I tried unchecking them for this slide, and it didn't make a difference. I've attached the base layer. The other layers don't have anything in them trigger-wise.

Thank you!

Sandra Collins

Ahhh it looks like you have something on your Beyond, How and Who layers that covers the base layer. A rectangle? Either make the rectangle more narrow so it only covers the text within the green box on the base layer (so the three icons are not covered), or add a Close button or X on the three layers so the user can close that layer and return to the base layer.

Rodger Klarer

Hi there

I've had inconsistent luck with using layers.  The one I'm currently having issues with, all I'm trying to do is have a blue box appear at a cue point.  The blue box is the layer named "Transcript Box".  I have a trigger on the base layer:  Show layer Transcript Box When the timeline reaches cue point Cue Point #2 (21.5s)

I am watching it in Preview and it's not showing that box.  I have tried to shift the box "Move to Front" / it is the top item in the timeline thinking maybe it's hiding behind something else?

Any suggestions?