My Layers are not Showing in Preview?

Hi Articulate Community,

My layers stopped showing up.  I see it when I develop, but not when I preview the slide.

I thought I may have checked a box somewhere, so I created a new slide with a base layer with just a text box that says "hi" and I create a new layer with a text box that says "there."  Only the "hi" shows up.  Is there a project-wide setting that would not allow any layers to be visible?

Thank you,

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Sandra Collins

If it's in a layer it will be on top of everything on the base layer. I tried it and it worked for me. See top of screenshots attached.

You could also accomplish this by putting the blue box on your base layer and just dragging its start to the right on the timeline so that it shows up at that cue point. No need for any trigger or layer See bottom of screenshot.

Rodger Klarer

Thanks first to @Sandra Collins.  This was actually the route that I chose to go (first) because I was stuck, couldn't get it to work and that's how it could be done in PowerPoint.  But I was hoping that Articulate was NOT only as good as working in PowerPoint or why use it?

But further thanks go to @Wendy Farmer!  Looking at your actual example helped me to solve for what I was doing incorrectly!  All was good - except that I was moving the timeline start of the Layer to where the cue point was on the Base Layer timeline.  Why?  No idea!  In my mind, I had to have it start there vs it being an item simply controlled by the Cue Point trigger on the Base Layer timeline.  That makes TOTAL sense and I have no idea how I was straying down the wrong road on using Layers/ Cue Points.  THANK YOU!!!!

Steve Hubbard

Similar issue - the layers dont show when I run through using the timeline play control (ie in the construction preview) on the baseline - but they do show in the Slide Preview - this would seem to be a bug, I'm pretty sure this has worked in previous versions? 

Makes it very awkward to test as you build when the underlying material is a 4 minute video on the slide base line

There is also strange layer behaviour in slide preview too with layers not clearing, or showing up later than they should

I also noticed that the "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes" does not work either, I'm having to use a trigger in the layer to close it on every layer.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Steve!

I am happy to help! The layers won't show up on the stage unless you're in preview mode. 

I'd like to take a look at your project to understand the strange layer behavior. Can you share the .story file with us? You can attach it to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case.