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Wilhelm Burger

Hi again:

I tried the open in a new window, and it appeared to work.  However, on course resume, it resumes to the right place only with the lightbox displaying.  I've tried the triggers in two orders.  On yes click to exit, close lightbox then exit course.  And the reverse.

I almost wish that we could modify the "Resume Yes No" prompt to first close all lightboxes before resuming.

Preeti Prasad

Hi, was there a resolution to this issue? I'm facing the same problem. My course uses the SL player with the inbuilt Exit link. It also gives you the "resume course where you left off" prompt when you come back to the course.

I've added a trigger to open a slide when the Exit link is clicked. The slide has a popup with a "Are you sure you want to exit?" question, and Yes and No buttons. If users click Yes, and then come back to the course. But the issue is that even though they come back to the same slide, they first see the "Are you sure you want to exit" popup and have to click No to go to the slide.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Preeti.  When resuming a course, it will always return the user to the last slide they visited.  In this case, they're returning to the "Are you sure you want to exit?" slide.

With a clever design of variables and triggers, you can return them to the last slide they were on before exiting the course, and resuming the course would then bring them back to the correct slide.  If you share your course so far, or even a small mock-up, the community can chime in with ideas for you!