Nested SCORM packages

Nov 20, 2020


Beginner in Articulate, SCORM and LMS all together here.

I know it's not possible to import a SCORM package into Storyline in order to edit it afterwards, like discussed here or here.

We are currently creating a Storyline project and planning to publish it as a SCORM package. We are also exporting a SCORM package from Unity 3D development software that we would like to include into the final Storyline SCORM package.

We do not intent to edit it inside Storyline of course, just have it as a black box we can navigate to and from (course is slide by slide like a Powerpoint).

Is it possible to do so ?

I know we can include Web object with an iFrame to the hosted 3D application but SCORM session is lost in the process and user needs to identify again which is bad UX.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Fab,

Thanks for reaching out and great research skills! You're correct in that it's not possible to import SCORM packages into Storyline courses.

Can you share a bit more about why the web object is causing the SCORM session to be lost? Is the entire course getting re-directed, or is opening the web object in a new window losing the connection?

You're more than welcome to share your .story file with our support team. They can take a closer look at your file and help point you in the right direction!

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