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Sep 06, 2012

Does anybody out there know anything about the EKP LMS?

I have a client who has this LMS - they have been successfully running a Storyline course that I built for them - Published as SCORM 1.2  -  I have a results slide in which user must get 80% and am tracking as Passed/Failed.

They recently upgraded the LMS from version 7.3 to 8.0  and the course is no longer tracking results and the results that users previously had stored where zeroed out.

Any ideas what might be causing this?  I have no expereience with this LMS.

I have built other course for them in Articulate Presenter and they are working fine (they are also SCORM 1.2 (pass/fail)

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Yaki Gordon

Hi Nancy

We are ND reseller in Israel.

I have no problems with SL output in EKP 8. If you want I can test for you a package.

EKP is also certified to SCORM 2004

"the results that users previously had stored where zeroed out" - this cannot be unless they have done something wrong when upgrading. Maybe this is the problem. 

Tell them to consult with ND support



Mereki White

I don't know how much I can contribute, would be interested to know how it all turned out for you in the end... I am just trawling through the forums looking for anything to do with netdimensions and came across this.  I DO know that we were having some glitches, but nothing consistent or measurable, when we were publishing to SCORM 1.2 for net dimensions.  Changing to 2004 seemed to iron out the little wrinkles with things ilke completion, some links, images etc.  So perhaps this would help?

Mark Steiner

Mereki:  I'm trying to get some Articulate courses working on Net Dimensions. A final quiz, pass the score and status.   Any help would be great.  What were the Articulate settings you found worked best? SCORM 2004?  What about the LMS Tracking settings: Complete/Incomplete, etc.  Also the check box for ignoringFlash cookie in LMS, etc.  Also, it's the first time using this LMS for me, so any Net Dimension settings would be great, also.  Many thanks!

Mereki White

Hi Mark,

We are still working with Articulate and EKP (or net dimensions, I'm sure they are the same thing?), so I'm happy to help out with what I can...

  • Definitely SCORM 2004 - anything else results in unpredictable behaviours for us, and our end users are field based frontline workers, so don't have the computer savvy to be able to describe what's going on, it was really frustrating for them. 
  • Tracking didn't seem to make a different - we tend to use complete / incomplete as it looks nicer on a transcript than pass/fail
  • EKP will generally mark everything as either 0, 50 or 100% done - i.e. if you open it and view two slides, it shows 50% done.  if you open it and view all slides and do all quiz questions, but don't properly complete the module, it shows 50% done.  It will only reach 100% when the user has fully submitted their result.
  • Marks do seem to come back if you as expected, but we tend to now use the EKP exam engine instead of quizmaker anyway - for a number of reasons.  First, you can only use one quiz in a project to report back to the LMS, so if you want to do formative questioning along the way, you can't report back all of those marks.  Second, of course, is that you can't tell what they got right or wrong, so you can't evaluate your questions etc, which for a team like us (a bit inexperienced, working on bigger programs with unfamiliar audiences) is a really valuable part of the exercise.  The exam engine doesn't look as nice, but the data is more valuable.  So we tend to include quizmaker questions as activities for people to test their understanding, and give detailed feedback so they are learning from their choices, but set the actual learning object to only pass back a complete/incomplete when they have either viewed a certain number of slides, or in some cases I think you have have the learner self-complete the learning object and then go on to the exam themselves.
  • We did find that the use of a knowledge centre for the learning object was useful.. there's an option to just upload the zip file, and launch it straight to the learner, but using an EKP knowledge centre means you can attach news items, instructions, and exams (including evaluation surveys) to the learning object. If you don't do it this way, it gets harder to enrol them in the exam or survey as a separate item - happy to talk you through that process if you like. 

I'm in Australia, so work on Australian time...  and am always happy to be contacted by email or phone if you have more detailed issues to work through.  I'm not going to say I'm an expert - as a group we are learning all the time, we find EKP is such a big tool that we are only using about 20% of its abilities.  We're well on the way to effective use for e-learning and reporting, but have only just started to tap in to its blended learning and classroom learning management capabilities.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help with? 

Mark Steiner

My client wants the quizzes inside the Articulate course and a single final quiz is fine. 

So there's no way to get the LMS to record the actual quiz score i.e. 38.5% or whatever score the learner actually earned?

Also, when you say:  "EKP will generally mark everything as either 0, 50 or 100% done - i.e. if you open it and view two slides, it shows 50% done.  if you open it and view all slides and do all quiz questions, but don't properly complete the module, it shows 50% done.  It will only reach 100% when the user has fully submitted their result."

What do you mean by "when the user has fully submitted their result"?  If the passing score is 100% (it's short compliance training modules), the LMS will only display 100% when the learner has gotten a 100% on the quiz?

Do you have this box checked or unchecked (I know it was the key for some LMSs): the check box for ignoringFlash cookie in LMS.

Are there any settings with ND that you must change beyond defaults, after uploading the course?

Many thanks for your prompt reply, this is a great community!

Mereki White

Hi there,

The LMS will record their actual quiz score - sorry to confuse things, I meant the progress indicator in the LMS which the learner views to show how far they are through the course.  If you are using a final quiz, and they pass the final quiz (you can allow multiple attempts in Articulate if you like), then it will mark them as 100%.  But until then it will just sit at 50% completed.  Is that clearer? 

I'm not sure what the cookie check box is about.  We have the net dimensions product called EKP, which manages e-learning as well as other forms of training - I haven't come across the setting you are talking about.

When loading a SCORM package, we just follow the interface to import a content package.  As far as settings go, we add to a catalogue but don't always click 'show in catalogue' unless we want learners to be able to self enrol or browse course details.  We have our own naming conventions for Course ID, including numbers and letters for the course and version. 

Once you've loaded the module, there are then settings for the module (i.e. the actual material) and the session (i.e. the instance of the course - for online there is usually only one instance for us). 

In the module:

We make sure we enter a full description on the module, as this is what goes out on the enrolment email.

We make sure the module security is updated so the correct groups of authors etc can see it course. 

We make sure the enrolment policy is what we actually want. 

We make a choice whether to use/not use a knowledge centre

We leave the launch properties as default (automatically picked up when you load the zip file)

In the session:

We only look at the 'edit session' options, for really basic stuff, and then the instructors for the course if we want someone else to be able to view people's progress etc.  Oh, and the email preference for enrolment. 

These forums are magic - I find so much goodness in here, and also love Tom's blog entries.  Even when I'm not actively working on something, they are a nice break from a week to read about and I find them really practical and they include some great resources.

Lu Post

I'm a relatively new client of NetDimensions and am using the Talent Suite vesion 8.3 (about to upgrade to 9.0). I have over 150 Articulate Presenter and Storyline courses published on the platform taken by about 20,000 end-users and have absolutely no problems with tracking. The platform also does a very good job of presenting HTML5 output for the iPad. They are the most stable of our courses on the platform. Actually all courses have done great even with other authoring tools, but I don't recommend to add a launch page, as it is not needed and when closed by the user, results in the course not tracking.

In respect to using the Storyline (or Quizmaker) exams, I love that NetDimensions does give you the ability to pull detailed results of how the user responded to each item. You can do this from their Report Wizard > Transcript Report and select to include the interactions. I use Storyline to administer exams and surveys and then get the detailed results via this report. You can also select a system admin function to show these results to the user in their transcript, but I have that turned off to protect the exams.

When I publish courses (for both Presenter and Storyline), I select:

  • Scorm 1.2
  • Report and Tracking - Passed/Incomplete
  • From the Player window - Other link > uncheck (which is default) to "Launch Player in New Window."

Mereki, I also love the Knowledge Center to showcase the course or Learning Program, but do wish it were more easily accessible after the course is completed so that all the resources included can be accessed without having to go to the steps of re-opening the course. This makes it difficult to administer non-mandatory evaluations after the course. This is one of my few objections with the platform.

Mereki White

Thanks for the input Lu! 

I agree on the knowledge centres.  We tend to use the LMS for the learning event only, and then provide any ongoing resources etc as attachments or on our intranet, as we have found the same thing limits us.  Did you know you can set up an exam for your evaluation, and then create a learning object linked to that exam, and enrol people directly in to that instead of attaching it to the actual learning event?  It's a bit of extra work, but if you set the enrolment policy for the evaluation so you auto-enrol all users, but the pre-requisite is the learning event, then the system will only actually put them in to the learning object after they have completed the pre-req.  This is a bit of a sketchy feeling, as it can seem a bit bizarre enrolling the whole organisation in something, but as long as you're careful to also add the pre-req before processing, it works.  The user gets a second email telling them they've been enrolled in an exam, and they are then prompted to log in to the LMS again to complete it.  I think the processing happens overnight - so if they did the course today, they would get the evaluation tomorrow.  Is that something which could help you?

I'm not sure what you mean when you say you can pull detailed results of how the user responded... I don't have storyline, but do you mean it can actually tell you which questions in a quizmaker the user got right or wrong?  I didn't think this was possible, which is why we use the LMS exam engine.  I'd love to hear more! 

Yadin Tzaban

Hi Mereki, You wrote: "The LMS will record their actual quiz score - sorry to confuse things, I meant the progress indicator in the LMS which the learner views to show how far they are through the course. If you are using a final quiz, and they pass the final quiz (you can allow multiple attempts in Articulate if you like), then it will mark them as 100%. But until then it will just sit at 50% completed. Is that clearer? " We have EKP LMS and we upload Articulate presenter and quizmaker modules to it. A few of our presenter modules have a summary questions slide as part of the module (sometimes can be review questions in the middle of the session). The issue we are having is: The progress indicator in the LMS which the learner views is stuck on 50% even when I answer the questions correctly and also when I get them wrong. (I did allow multiple attempts in Articulate). How do I get it to 100%? are there any settings to be made in Articulate\ EKP? Can you help? 10x Yadin

Lu Post

Hi Mereki, I'm sorry I missed your response. I've thought about using the evaluation/prereq process but evaluations are not mandatory for our users. We just created a job aid that shows users how to go to their transcript to re-open the knowledge center, take the evaluation, and then remove it from their Current Learning Modules page. It is about 4 extra clicks after the course is completed, so it would be much better if they could take the evaluation immediately after completing the course since the KC is open and right there. Hopefully, that will be an option one day.

As far as printing the course interactions, yes, you can do this from the Report Wizard. We are able to get detailed results from all of our 3rd party tools, including Storyline and Presenter/Quizmaker - which is very cool and not something I've seen in too many other LMSs. From Report Wizard, create a Training History report. From the columns section, there's an Interactions tab that you can select items to include in the report, like the Correct Response, User Response, Result, etc. Let me know off-line if you'd like more details on this and I'd be happy to put together a guide for you.

Yadin, as far as your question, on my end, I don't know how to move it from 50% to 100% unless the entire course is completed. I believe it's how the 3rd party tools sends details to the LMS. In most situations, I dont believe any test items but the scored questions are evaluated, and then it can only evaluate one exam with Quizmaker, so NetD considers it to be 50% by default, and then 100% when everything is completed. I just removed this progress bar from the transcript page as it was confusing and not accurate.

Mereki White

Yadin I don't know any way other than to have them complete the course - i.e. when they have viewed the required number of slides, or passed the quiz you chose to use for tracking. 

Lu, thanks for the info - I will play with the Report Wizard and see what happens!  I can't wrap my head around it just yet, very impressed if it works.  Appreciate your response.


Lu Post

Mereki, I know we are at opposite times of the earth, but let me know if you'd like to hop on a Skype call. I'd be happy to walk you through running this report. While the Report Wizard has a few idiosyncrasies, it's really an amazing tool that allows you to pull just about anything you need without being a SQL expert. I'll also work to put together a little guide to assist; however, it is very easy...

Mereki White

Hi there,

I don't really have skype!  I know, I know...  get with the times hey.

I'm playing around but don't see anything to do with interactions.  If you could give me a few pointers on what menu items to choose, that would be great - don't go to too much hassle producing screen shots etc!

I'm in report wizard > create >  type: trainign history (external) and the options for report columns don't include anything about interactions?

My email address is if that is easier?

Andrew Patterson

Hello All,

I am glad to finally find some information about this LMS on this site. I am in my organization's training department and I am trying to use Storyline to create our training material. In theory, I would like the user to go through the teaching material and quiz in one file, the LMS to record their score and change their status to completed / fail . Currently, I haven't been very successful. If the student passes the quiz at the end of the class, then the status is changed to completed, but if they fail it, it stays "In Process" until someone manually goes in and changes it. I have met with my admin and they do not know how to do this...Has anyone had any success with a similar issue, getting the status to change to fail if the student doesn't pass the quiz?

Lu Post

Hi Andrew, glad to find another NetDimensions user.  We don't do this, but have you tried to do the following > Under System Configuration > in the Records/Transcript section > place a check next to: "SCORM/AICC status of "failed" will trigger a corresponding change in Overall Status to "Failed."  Hope this helps.


Alejandra  Ossa


We have published several courses developed with articulate presenter in EKP, in standard scorm 1.2 and we have the following problem:

If two or more users enter from the same computer at the same course (with different usernames and passwords) the system (SCORM) asked the second user entering the message "Proceed in the last section accessed?" when you press on "yes," the Scorm places it in the last position of the student who was admitted with first.

We have deleted cookies and temporary files on the computer and do the test again and access testing, this works correctly.

How can this problem be corrected? since several users use one computer to access the courses.

I appreciate your attention and support

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