NetDimensions Enterprise Learning Management System (EKP)

Sep 06, 2012

Does anybody out there know anything about the EKP LMS?

I have a client who has this LMS - they have been successfully running a Storyline course that I built for them - Published as SCORM 1.2  -  I have a results slide in which user must get 80% and am tracking as Passed/Failed.

They recently upgraded the LMS from version 7.3 to 8.0  and the course is no longer tracking results and the results that users previously had stored where zeroed out.

Any ideas what might be causing this?  I have no expereience with this LMS.

I have built other course for them in Articulate Presenter and they are working fine (they are also SCORM 1.2 (pass/fail)

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Alejandra!

I haven't personally worked with EKP, so I'm not sure if it's an issue with that system, or a caching issue.

I believe it's a caching issue, since users are accessing the presentation from the same machine. Do you have access to the machine itself? If so, depending on the browser being used, you could set up the browser to clear history/cache on exiting the browser. Have learners exit the browser course after they've finished and exited the course. Then, you can simply have the next user launch the browser from a desktop shortcut. 

Just a suggestion. Maybe something like this will save you some time.

Good luck!

Alejandra  Ossa

Hi Christine, I appreciate your response

However, some users do not close the browser, all you do is press on the close button of the LMS and return to the intranet, for this reason has not worked 100% the alternative solution you pose.

I do not know if you can set something in the EKP LMS to skip session cookies .. Thank you.

Marty King

Hello fellow EKP users! We are using version 8.3 and are hoping to upgrade to 9.0 this weekend. We are having intermittant reporting issues. We are using SCORM 2004 with Complete/Incomplete settings. I have not been able to replicate the problem at my workstation. The problem courses are certification courses at the moment. Although the problem is intermittant it seems isolated to these courses. Based on everything I've researched problems like this seem to be primarily LMS software related and not Articulate. We are reviewing the settings on our courses and doing various test to islolate the problem, It is a needle in the haystack operation.

Does anyone know if a known reporting problem exists with Presenter when the participant closes out the window at the passing results screen instead of clicking the "Finish" button can cause a reporting problem?

Ian Mondrow

I am very excited to see several people who are also using NetDimensions. I am struggling with this system as I can't get my courses to mark as complete for all users. For most users, it marks the slides as complete but it seems like it misses a person here & there. Did anyone experience similar issues?

I tried the following to fix it but nothing helped:

- Published in SCORM 2004

- Published as "slides viewed" instead of a required passing score.

- Set the slides viewed requirement to be several slides early.

My users are getting very irritated with me and I am just baffled as to what to do.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Ian, I can't recall how EKP works because it has been awhile but if it is skipping course completion for some users and not others then I wonder if it has something to do with how the users are exiting the course.  For example if they are closing their browser instead of clicking an exit button or something like that maybe  the LMS does not register the course as completed.

Or if you are using branching in your courses maybe they are not viewing the set number of slides (i.e., if you have 50 slides in your course and have set the slides viewed to 50 any user who skips a slide or two  because of branching will not meet the 50 slides viewed requirement to complete the course).

Chad Friedrich

Sorry to highjack this this thread but was wondering if anyone is still having issues with HTML5 and iPads with IOS 7 after the latest storyline update.  We use NET D as well and are still having issues with scaling when in landscape view on the ipad, just curious if others still have this issue or if they have found any solutions.


Adam Kennerley

Hi Chad, 

Don't know if anyone ever got back to you. We are using NetD and still having those HTML5 scaling issues. We decided to use the launcher option and this scaled the launched window to fit every time. However this option comes with some caveats...

The launcher file created by Storyline, if you use that over a custom option, points to the story.html file and not the index_lms.html file so you will need to update that to get the SCORM API to trigger when the course is launched. Also the imsmanifest from Storyline seems to not account for the launcher page option and will need to be updated to point to the launcher page. So there is some minor coding required to go that route, but the scaling seems to be accurate with this option and SCORM (2004) is reporting back to NetD.

Would prefer a fix so didn't have to add this extra step but sometimes we have to work with what we have....

Hope this helps...


Julia Koller

Good morning Mark,

Yes, I believe NetD does. One way I'm aware of doing that, is by creating a "Learning Program" type Learning Object. Then you can specify the order of modules, and whether or not they are required to unlock subsequent modules. If you read up in the NetD Wiki they have some information on how to do it, though I've found the documentation a bit confusing at times.

Las Johnson

Hi, has anyone has issues when enrolling on to articulate modules in Net Dimensions.

It can be launched within Net D, has been tested in Scorm Cloud and I can enrol individuals, the manifest file checks as ok, even reports back and also  launches fine in Tempshare without issue

Selecting the enrol button in NetD and nothing happens, it only seems to be this module, its nothing out of the ordinary.

I'm trying to establish where the problem lies, any thoughts?

Las Johnson

Thanks Leslie,

I have delved a little deeper and now noticed a padlock image appearing on the Storyline file icon (i am using windows 7). I deep search found a storyline 2  support question 

It doesn't appear on the published zip file though (scorm 1.2)

Heather Hallman

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply.  I have included some additional information to determine if you have any additional thoughts.  Thanks again for the feedback.

The course was published to SCORM 2004 with Articulate Presenter '13 and the course has 4 individual embedded quizzes with the results dependent on the final embedded quiz.  The client noted that some of the quizzes begin with the first question marked as incorrect on the first attempt.  As a result, the learner is not able to progress onto the next question.  

As you can see in the included screenshot, an answer has not been chosen and the question is marked "Incorrect".  Also, the course reports and tracks correctly in another LMS.  The above scenario only happens in a NetDimensions Talent Suite 9.0 version LMS.


Quiz Behavior

Leslie McKerchie

I'm not seeing an issue with the published output. Do you see an issue:

I know you mentioned that the issue seems to be with your LMS and not being able to replicate in other environments or SCORM Cloud indicates that you may need to follow up with them.

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