New feature in Storyline 360: Interactive 360° images

Today we released a new feature in Storyline 360 called 360° images. We think you’ll love transforming any 360° image into an interactive learning experience that invites learners to explore and engage. 

Import any panoramic 360° image, pick an initial view, and resize for the perfect fit. Looking for images to experiment with? Try this collection. 

Once you’ve imported an image, you can add interactions using markers, hotspots, and triggers to capture learners’ attention and add contextual info to the images they’re exploring. You can create custom markers and add hotspots anywhere on the image.   

Finetune how learners interact with 360° images easily. Add progress meters to show learners their progress, and choose how learners navigate through the image to create the immersive experience you want. 

Download the latest version of Storyline 360 to start experimenting with 360° images—and share your projects! We’d love to see them here in E-Learning Heroes. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Lauren!

Sorry, this is impacting you as well! I've opened a case on your behalf, so you should've received an email with an upload link. Can you upload your .story file? From there, our Support Engineers will take a look at your file. They'll also be able to test your file in different versions to understand exactly where the issue is stemming from.

We'll continue the conversation via email!

Mehdi Achbaro

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, no! Articulate couldn't reproduce the issue!

However there is maybe a semi fix that I have tried with one of our users and seemed to work. 

You have to disable ‘’hardware acceleration when available’’ in Chrome.

To do so, go to Settings-  Advanced-  System-  (Then disable) Use hardware acceleration when available

You have to restart Chrome before testing. 

When doing so the animation of the transitions of your slides will be slow, but It seemed to fix the issue for some of our users. 

Please let me know if it worked for you.