NEW IN STORYLINE 360: Slide Numbers

We’re excited to share a powerful new feature in Storyline 360: slide numbers.

Now you can add slide numbers to your Storyline 360 project to show learners their progress through a course. Storyline 360 will automatically calculate how far learners have left in your course. And you can quickly exclude slides if you don’t want them counted toward the total.

Here’s how slide numbers work:


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Mike DiFonzo


Thanks for this. Unfortunately, inability to hide other slide layers would be an issue. I have multiple slides utilizing layers so slides would get really cluttered and make the slide unusable.

I guess I could just insert the slide numbers on the individual slides so I can re-order the objects or make the shapes smaller to uncover the object on the Master. A bit disappointing though.



Mike DiFonzo

The problem is I have multiple slides where I put the shape so I could put it on the Master for those cases. The shape is really used for a title background so I could use your suggestion but sometimes I need to make the shape bigger/smaller so I need to be able to access it at slide level.

I suppose I could just design the slide to leave the corner reserved for the slide numbers but I like the contrast when it's layered on top of the colored shape.

Yuyen Chang

I don't know how often and the extent to which you have to manipulate the size of this shape/box to accommodate your content of different slides, so this may or may not be doable. But what if you have multiple slide masters where you alter the size of that colored shape and then make sure to put the slide number on top of the shape. That way you can still have different sizes of the shape to choose from and the slide number will always be layered on top to give you the color contrast that you like. 

Mike DiFonzo

That does sound like a good solution. That should work for most of the slides.

The issue is that some of the shapes need to be bigger due to bigger/more text or the shape color needs to be different. I suppose I can just create another colored shape to overlay on top of it but then I'll manually have to insert the slide numbers on top of it.

Sounds like there's not a ready made solution to cover all of the bases but these are some decent work-arounds for some of the issues.