Poor image quality in Storyline 360

Hey guys,

I have found a few threads on poor image quality of previous versions of Storyline, however the new 360 version has also very poor image quality when piblishing. Please see attached screenshot: original image in high resolution saved in png format, imported via Insert Image into Storyline (smaller size! should work fine!) and when published in HTML5 - you can see this low-quality soapy artifacts.

Please let me know where I can adjust image quality settings to avoid that. It seems not to matter how carefully original images are selected with a good quality -if the end result is poor. Please help!

Thank you!

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Syta Fokkema

Hello Leslie (and other heroes),

Has there been a solution to this issue yet? I am still experiencing the same problem with images and video, and am not always able to ask for 96dpi imagery as I use existing content.

Also, my record-screen of a movie within Articulate is incredibly poor quality which makes it hard to make a demo. Is that to do with the same issue?

Love to hear an update! 

ps. cant share confidential client file, sorry

Crystal Horn

Hi there Syta.  The issue with blurry images in Chrome is still open with our team.  It has a high priority and is being addressed, and I apologize for the issues you're seeing in your current courses.

These are our best practices for recording high quality screencasts in Storyline.  We'd be happy to help you one-on-one to make sure your recordings are coming out the way you'd like!

Syta Fokkema

Thanks so much Crystal for the quick reply and tips with regards to screencasts, I can definitely use that. 

I've come accoss a number of ways to retain image quality in this thread and am trying to find a summary/overview of best practises (for the time being). Is the below article the most up to date one to go to for best practices on image quality? If so, maybe pin that to the top of the thread?  


Thanks again. 

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Leslie,
When I do the same steps to insert an image in microsoft PPT (be it a copy-paste from a screenshot, or inserting from the file) - I do not experience any problem with the image quality. However the same steps in SL make an image look as a disaster :(
I attach again the fragments, could you please escalate it with your development team for more urgent care? We cannot show our materials like that to our customers :(
I am aware of not resizing the image in SL, but it happens before I touch it even - merely by any insertion method.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Irina,

Thanks for sharing all those images. It looks like in your comparison files even, one is sized slightly larger than the other? I also saw that you're having a similar discussion here with Alyssa and I'd agree with her ideas to test the Classic player. It looks like the scaling that's occurring within the modern player to fit your browser/screen size may be impacting the overall quality. 

Let's keep the discussion going in that forum page, or if you'd prefer to take it out of ELH our Support Team is standing by! 

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Ashley,

I do use classic player, and unfortunately support says they cannot replicate the issue, leaving me with evidences on my hands quite helpless.
Inspite of the 100% image qualit y setting, chosen for publishing in SL, you can see the low-quality JPEG artifacts on the SL fragment, compared with PPT (which , though not perfectly-crisp, at least does not insert the artifacts)

yoann kervella

Hello everyone, 

Since 1 year, we carefully follow the discussion opened by Irina. Our society Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise chose Articulate to provide training to its customers. We encountered exactly the same problems as they were identified in this discussion.

I think that all the considerations around formats and resolutions aren’t enough for a correct output in HTML5. We can’t afford touching up element by element, because we produce large quantity content that constantly evolve and are dedicated to Rapid Learning. Designers work in PowerPoint and use Articulate Presenter (Studio). Unfortunately, the problem is the same as the one encountered in the Storyline. Images, screenshots, etc. are blurry despites a source of good quality.

You have identified these problems. The problem is not just under Chrome. A person from Articulate trained us one year ago and confirmed that technicians were working on this problem. It is useless for us to give you examples. I think you have exhausted enough throughout this discussion.

We are satisfied with the various tools of the suite but we can't take full advantage of our HTML5 output. With Flash our customers used to an irreproachable rendering. Our customers bring us complaints about the quality of our courses.

Do you have new ? 

Thank you so much.

Best regards