Print Results not working in Storyline

Aug 12, 2013

Hi there

I've used a results slide at the end of a quiz in Storyline that allows the user to print results once they have passed.

When looking at the published course the print results button displays when passed then when I click on it , the screen appears allowing you to input your name. I can then type in my name and click OK. However, nothing prints.

The 'allow users to print results' and 'prompt for their name' boxes are checked in the options for the slide.

Is there something else I need to do?



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Mark McEvoy

I haven't worked with Articulate online. That said, we experienced the same problem at my company, but only while testing outside of uploading to our LMS. I got my company's 2nd level help desk support involved and this may help:

They had me clear both the IE cache as well as the Temporary Internet Files used by Java applications. The latter seemed to be where the problem is coming from; it is managed by going into the Control Panel and clicking Java. The dialog that presents is shown below.

Under the General tab (the default tab) in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Settings button. Click the Delete Files… button. Confirm the deletion of all temporary files and then click OK.

When testing outside of the LMS, we go back and forth with having the issue your client's are noting. Because it is a sporadic event, it seems logical to believe it is an environment issue and not something to do specifically with the Storyline application or the manner in which a story file has been saved.

Please let me know if this possible solution provides any relief.

Heather Penningroth

I could access my print results the first time I tried it. Everytime since then I have received the Warning: The print results feature one this slide has been disabled while viewing locally because your browser does not support it. I was certain that the issue would be fixed after I cleared my Flash and browsing history, but it was not. Any other suggestions? I published for LMS.

Letty Poulose

Hi All, 

To Print results all you need to do is:

1) Open the "story_content" folder within  your publish folder

2) Click on Report.html file and choose open with notepad

3) Remove "<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->" and save the file

4) Launch the player again and view the results.

Hope this helps!

Barbara Smothers

I see by the document that html5 is only supported in Chrome which is extremely problematic for me, as I have a couple agencies who's IT will not allow Chrome to be installed on work computers for security issues. While I am not a fan of IE, my courses have to work in it. I don't know about the Flash element - I haven't been able to get it to open, so I'm still troubleshooting that.

I guess I'm confused why the laptop wont open the normal html file in IE either (when I publish and not allowing html5).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barbara, 

Does it not open when you're testing it locally or when you've uploaded it to your web server or LMS? If you're testing it locally that could be a part of the issue - as described here. 

You'll want to confirm that Flash is installed in the browser though, as I mentioned the HTML5 support is limited and that is based on how the different browsers perform with the HTML5 content. 

Tom S

It is very unfortunate that the Print Results does not work when running from a local folder. I too am experiencing this issue and have read through each post above - solutions provided have not helped in my situation.

Our LMS is limited (space) and this project is very large and our content is very sensitive - we avoid posting to any sources on the Internet. Our hope was to run many of our storyline projects locally... this block throws a wrench in our plans. 

Janis Ericson

I am now having the same issue with printing results. After 6 different people tested the course in Cornerstone, 3 were able to print (all in Chrome) and 3 got a blank screen (2 in Chrome, 1 in IE). I personally am able to print in Chrome, but not in IE though that's the preferred browser for Cornerstone.

I don't see this has been resolved. Does anyone have ideas as to the issue? I've looped in our IT department, but I'm hoping this is something that can be resolved within Storyline.

Janis Ericson

I cleared my cache as well, and now I can't print in Chrome either. Here is the code error I found in Chrome:

!0;break;case "save_resume_data":this.saveIfNecessary&&this.saveIfNecessary();story.saveToLocalStorage();break;case "debug_trace":g=$(a).attr("message");console.logMulti("debug_trace",g);break;case "debug_error":g=$(a).attr("message");console.logMulti("debug_error",g);break;default:if(d[f])d[f](a);else if(g=new TimelineAction(d),j=new StoryEvent(d),g.loadFromXML(a,j),g[f])g[f](j,!1);else console.error("unknown action",f,,d.innerType,d)}return c};

Chrome's error: player_compiled.js:282 unknown action printresults 6MnjDFkf3u7 vectorshape