problem with complete status in Saba


I built course in SL2 and set tracking after visited 6 slides. I have a lot of notifications that not always this course is marked as complete despite users visited 6 slides and more for sure. I was tasting this course and I didn't notice any problems - I see complete status in my logs. 

Now I have question for you. Have you ever had a problem with course published in SL2 uploaded to Saba and set tracking after visited slides? Maybe I don't know about something.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kamil -- Sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. I cannot offer an advice about working within Saba itself, but since you are working with an LMS, may I ask if you have uploaded and tested your published output in the SCORM Cloud? Also, you may want to check out these articles on troubleshooting LMS issues:

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Troubleshooting LMS Issues

Hope that helps, and if not, perhaps some of our community members that use Saba will be able to weigh in with their experiences. 

Mark Shepherd

Hi Christie:

Although this is an old thread, recent experience has shown me that Articulate Storyline 2's settings for using a reduced or limited number of slides for course completion does NOT send any significant details to Saba 5.5 or SCORM Cloud if the design of the course is non-linear, meaning, viewing all slides as a path/process is NOT guaranteed for the learner to be able to SEE or COMPLETE.

In both of these cases, the course was marked as "Incomplete" despite learners following the rules set out in the Reporting/Tracking/Publishing settings for reduced slide numbers.

Perhaps this is a possible AS2 bug?

The only way I was able to resolve this issue (with Leslie McKerchie's help), was to change gears and process the LMS completion status messages for Saba via a Free-Form Pick-One Quiz Slide that pointed to a separate Results Slide. 

Using a Results Slide is the ONLY other option available other than choosing a reduced slide number to mark the course project as complete.

When implemented, using this approach successfully sent a PASSED result to Saba upon course completion, which our LMS Administrator could then re-process into a COMPLETED result using an administrative course policy.


Mark Shepherd

Hi Leslie:

I guess the obvious follow-up question I have regarding this item is:

...HOW WELL does the Reduced Slides for Course Completion feature WORK in Storyline 2?

More specifically, are there stats or details available regarding which LMS systems respond with a COMPLETE result when using this setting, and in which situations? (linear/non-linear, etc) ?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mark!

I'm not sure that I'm following.

If you still wish to track by slides viewed, you will simply need to consider the path with the least number of slides.

If your total number of slides is 100, your course is non-linear, and one branch only visits 30 slides - then your completion would need to be set at 30/100 slides. If the other branch required 70, then they would be marked as completed at 30 as well. Is this what you are asking?

This is why some prefer to track by a specific slide, so that no matter the path, you are sure that the learner completed the path needed.

Leslie Pittsley

I know this is an old thread, but I am running into this exact issue.  I have a non-linear project and it is set to set the completion status after just 1 slide is viewed.  A majority of the users get marked as complete, but we are still getting a significant number that it is not marking as complete for.  It is getting increasingly frustrating.  Any tips would be appreciated.


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Leslie!

It's perfectly okay to find threads that you searched with a similar issue because many times you'll find what you need :)

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue though. I cannot help you with Saba, but we do have many users within our community that use it.

Are you able to replicate your issue in SCORM Cloud? That is an industry standard that we like to compare against. If you are able to replicate, we would want to take a look at your .story project file, but if not, you may want to follow up with your LMS.

Leslie Pittsley

Hi Leslie (great name by the way LOL), thanks for your response. 

The file that I am having an issue with is HUGE and we don't have the funds so pay for the unlimited subscription for SCORM Cloud.  I have tested a smaller storyline file in SCORM Cloud and it seems to be fine.  Not sure where to go from here.