Recording text entry and picking up text entry data on report on LMS

Hi All,

I need to record a text entry on a slide and then when the assessment is completed i need to report on the text entry field when i look at detail answer report on our LMS.  Is this something straight forward or am i missing something.

Module is an Assessment, the text entry field has no wrong or right answer.

Any ideas and thanks in advance.


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Dave Cox

Hi Glen,

Add a new question slide to your project, Select Quizzing for the slide type. Select Survey slides and select the Short Answer slide, or the Essay slide, whichever best meets your requirements. 

Next go to your results slide, and select the Edit Results Slide button above the triggers area. Make sure your new slide is an included question in the list of slides.

Since this is a survey question, the slide's score won't be added, but the question and answer will report to the LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wanda,

The built-in questions of Storyline only allow one per slide, but perhaps you could set up something custom with a Checkbox question that is set to show two different layers with text entries? 

If you can share a bit more info about your needs and what version of Storyline you're using, I think we'd be able to help mock something up for you! 

Wanda Jenkins

I'm currently on Storyline 2, however I may be moving to 360 in the near future.  I need the LMS to capture the name and date (entered by the trainee) and a check in a box where the trainee checked to complete the training.  All three of these data points need to be captured in the LMS data.  I was able to make it on three slides as you will see in my example.  Let me know if there is a way to get them on one slide.



Matthew Bibby

In SL2, there is a way to send variables to the LMS. See here for details.

Unfortunately, this workaround no longer works in SL360. 

If you are using an LMS, why do you need to manually capture the name, date and completion info? The LMS should be doing this for you. When your course is complete, the LMS will record that information (along with the date it was completed and the name of the learner who completed it). 

Wanda Jenkins

Thanks Matthew, not sure if this is attempting to accomplish what I was looking for.  The reason I need to have the LMS capture the "signature" and date of the completion of training is I have to use the LMS report as evidence for a regulatory action and I cannot just use the basic data that the LMS would record.  It's a esign kind of thing.

I can stick with what I have, I was just wondering if the three slide could be combine into one.