Remove play button on html5 opening screen in Storyline 360

Jan 05, 2017

Is there a way of editing the code on one of the files to remove the big play button that appears on the opening screen of a mobile device accessing the html5 file? I've seen threads on how to do it on SL2, but not on SL 360. I can't seem to locate the player_compiled.js (or story_compiled.js) file to even edit it. I'm using SL 360 publish to Web with HTML5 only content option. When the published file gets uploaded to mobile iOS device, the opening screen is always the Play button (see image below). And yes, I know that editing published files is not supported by Articulate. 

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Gary Overgaard


I also did not have the "ds-slides.min.js" file. However I downloaded the example file in this thread that Math shared. That file had the "ds-" prefix but I renamed it deleting the "ds-" prefix in the filename. After replacing the file in the published output with the new "slides.min.js" file, then testing on an iPad, the piece went right to the first screen without a PLAY button at the beginning. All other functionality in the piece seemed unaffected. 

Honestly, I wasn't sure what the distinction was between the "ds-" version and the one without either, but given I was only testing on the published output folder there was little risk in just trying a file rename of Math's shared file. Was pleased to discover it worked fine. 

Math Notermans

Articulate renamed the ds-slides.min.js file to slides.min.js at an update. So basically that is the file to work with.

Ds stands for a reference to ds-bootstrap an external javascript library Articulate uses in Storyline.

@Gary Overgaard... i donot think its wise to just use the ds-slides.min.js file and rename it. Its lucky all works normally. After any update from Articulate i personally copy the new slides.min.js file and rework that as described before. You never know what Articulate changed in an update and by copying and replacing you risk that some of the Articulate updates wont work. However as you mention...little risk in doing that on published output...

Gary Overgaard


Understood and good advice for me and others reading. I took the easy route using your shared file for my test instead of making the instructed text edit to the existing  .js file. And this time it worked. But point taken on potential effects of not making individual edits after program updates. 



Lance Corley

Has anybody got a fix for the play button to disappear yet?  Its been quite a while people above have been talking about this.  When can we expect a customised holding page for mobile or expect to get rid of the play button all together.  I have a drag and drop storyline line block (no audio or video involved) that i put into rise for a course and get this annoying play button on all tablets and mobiles.  The devlopement team should have sorted this by now.  This page is 4 years old.  

Lance Corley

Most helpful Math.  thanks.  can you tell me in my folder i have slides.min.js.  Do I just download your ds.slides.min.js and rename it to slides.min.js to work?    I am on storline 360 version  3.48.24159.0  .  I have a drag and drop block with no video or audio and i get this bloody play button.    Thanks in advance.

Math Notermans

Nah, as Storyline updates at times.. the ds.slides.min.js file is now replaced by a slides.min.js

After each update you have to replace it. And as Articulate changes code in the file its not wise to replace it with older files. Best choice is work through the process as described. Unminify your existing slides.min.js, find the spot in the code to add code too, save and replace it.

For your is my latest one. But as said somewhere in this post. Save you original somewhere, because mistakes are easy to make, so you can go back to the way it was.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Aurélien,

Great news!  We just released another update for Articulate 360 and included some new features and a few important fixes you'll see in the release notes.

The item you'll be interested in is:

New: Make an impactful first impression. Add an image to your course start page to brand it or give learners an idea of the subject matter. Learn more about cover photos.

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for Storyline 360. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.

Math Notermans

When you have video or audio on a start page...most mobile devices will prevent autoplay. That's a default in most browsers and devices. A user interaction is needed to play it. Nothing to do with Storyline or Articulate. The big black play button and screen however are Articulate's solution to this. As you donot have audio or video on your first slide this should not be needed and the page/slide should show directly. Thats the solution mentioned above for. If you have video or audio on your first slide...well then there are several solutions to work around it not playing directly. One of the most common used is a static page as first page, that automatically goes to a second page where your video and /or audio then is.