Resume Function

When a user logs out and logs back in to a completed or partially course and receives this message "resume or not" - if the user selects to NOT resume, then the pages of the course are all locked if they try to use the menu option to jump around. Please update such that when a course is completed or partially completed, those pages are always available and unlocked via menu for the returning user.


Is there any way we can fix this issue? i dont want to reset the course if user select NO button

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sinchu,

The Resume feature in Storyline allows users to "start fresh", as if they had never taken the course before. This will reset menu settings, variables, and so on. It sounds like what you're looking for is a combination of:

  1. Restricted menu that will allow learners to view the current slide and any slides they've previously viewed, but not the slides they haven't yet viewed, and
  2. The prompt to Always Resume so that the course will not completely reset if a learner leaves and returns to the course later.

If the learner finishes the course completely, leaves, and then returns later, they will land on the last slide of the course. From there, they can select the first slide from the menu to restart the course over again without restriction, or you can add a custom 'Restart Course' button to the last slide with a trigger to jump back to the first slide.

Let me know if this is what you're looking for or if you need something else entirely! 

Chandrasekar M

Hi Alyssa,

For the above same query. As a user of an e learning course, i am asking this query. If i partially or fully visited a course in LMS and i resume the same existing course again, the prompt asking  "Yes" or "No" for resume the course. If i press "yes" the course will take me to where i visited last time and if i press "No" I should directs to first page of course and the course still should be in visited state (i.e) all the visited pages should be active and all visited links should active and not visited page should be locked. This is the expected feature for many elearning courses which is working fine in some other elearning and development tools. Can't we provide this feature as default. If we manually customizing this feature will this work in LMS 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Chandrasekar,

Thanks for sharing your perspective here. Here is an explanation of the way the "Prompt to Resume" feature works in Storyline:

  • If you click Yes, you will start the course where you left off the last time you visited the course.
  • If you click No, you will start the course completely fresh, as if you have never taken it. All variables, states, and restricted navigation will be reset.

It sounds like you would like to see a third option that would allow you to start the course from the beginning, but all variables, states, and restricted navigation will be retained from the last time you visited the course. With that feature, you would be able to skip ahead to your last visited slide without restriction. Does that accurately describe what you'd like to see?

This is certainly an idea worth sharing with our product development team. Would you mind telling us more about how you'd like this feature to function in the form of a feature request? I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, as it gives us a better idea as to how in demand this feature is. :)

Chandrasekar M

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply and providing such a detailed info. Actually I am not only a user,  I am a functional tester too.  

From my experience of testing the eLearning courses in many tools, The resetting option as you said all the variables, states and restriction which we can reset the same from LMS itself by resetting the course in LMS. From our functional testing experience by using many development tool, As I said before, The resume feature works like If we hit the "No" button the course should not get reset and it should go to initial page of course with my all visited states.

Why we need this behaviour because major usage of resume function is, Let's assume that if a user taking a course in LMS with force navigation (all the pages are Locked) and they visited half of the course then they close the course intentionally or unknowingly, again immediately they are accessing the same course with same login in LMS, the course will ask for resume if the user hit "No" in resume and the course got reset. again they have to start the course from beginning and it will take more time to reach the page where they visited.

This is the standard expected feature in many e-learning courses.



Scott Wiley

For that type of functionality, I would suggest creating custom navigation (menu, next, previous, etc.) instead of the built-in navigation.

This does require a much higher level of development savvy and effort, but you could then use custom variables and triggers w/JavaScript to read the completion status of the course.

So first run of the course your custom menu would appear "restricted" until each item is completed. On completion of the course, even if they click "No" to resume, your JavaScript could check completion status and if it is completed, use triggers to turn your custom buttons/menu to "Normal."

Hope that helps.

Nikki Gattone

Does it matter if I have the restricted next/ previous buttons checked for the restricted menu to still work as you said above?  Also if I have a trigger to exit the course on the last slide will this affect the restricted menu scenario you explained above?  Please let me know !

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nikki,

Depending on your version of Storyline, restricted navigation may work a bit differently:

The situation Alyssa described above relies on variables as well - and the exit course button would close the course entirely, so the value of variables will only be kept if the user were to Resume the course.