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Sanju T

Hi Ashley,

I am unable to share my .story due to the sensitive nature of the material.

I understand what you are proposing, except I am unclear how the trigger will 'know' that the user reached the quiz/slides by clicking 'Review'. Would I use variables for this? 

i.e. increment a variable (set to 0) to greater than 0 when the user clicks Review. Then the trigger on the quiz slides will check the variable to see if it is greater than 0, and if it is, the link will display?

If 'Retry' was clicked, then set the variable to 0? The trigger will not display the link if the variable is 0.



Sanju T

I noticed that the lightbox slide does not include the left-side menu. Is there a way to have the lightbox slide display it? I have the narration transcript in the menu, so it should be displayed.

If not, I guess I will need to stop using the Lightbox feature and instead display the slide (and Menu) in a layer?

Sanju T


Hi Leslie,

Sorry for all the questions, but I am stuck...again!

The variable (I used T/F like you mentioned) works, as my reference changes to true on the correct condition. So I want to show a layer (Display text) that has a link to another layer when var is true. I cannot get the  'Display text' layer to show on true. 

Trigger to show Layer

The link in 'Display text' works, as when I paste it onto the Base layer it will show the correct layer. I just need to be able to access it on 'Display text' (so it is only showing when the variable 'Review' is true).

Sanju T

The variable is changing, as a reference text variable shows 'True'  when the quiz is reviewed (as it should). Your suggestion would have the layer show as soon as the slide loads, that is not what I want. The user should have the option to view the related slide (Display text layer) when reviewing.

Is this not possible?


Sanju T

OK, I attached the problem question slide and the Results page.

Question slide - 'Review Slide - Base layer': test link to show what I want when the Review variable is True and user clicks the link (on base layer for testing).'False' is the reference variable, to show what is happening with the T/F variable.

After getting the question wrong, and clicking 'Review Quiz' on the Results page:

- reference variable is True (how it should be), but the 'Review Slide' link on another layer ('Display text') is not showing up.


Sanju T

Ohhhhh, I misunderstood you before. Thanks so much, looks like this will work perfectly!!!!

You have been a great help to me :)

EDIT: Is there a trick to having the 'Review slide' link (Display text layer) stay onscreen after the user clicks the 'X' to close the reference slide (Slide 1.4 layer)?