Same video... multiple locations... keep publish size small


I'm working on a course that contains a dozen videos. These have been added directly to SL360 and each video lives on its own slide (alongside some other relevant info).

Later in the course, I need to allow learners to refer back to the earlier videos. First thought was to lightbox the slide... however then all of the 'other' stuff on the slide is shown, not just the video.

So then I tried adding the video to a layer on the slide where it may be needed. This works fine... however... it means that there are multiple copies of the same video in the published output.

As each of these videos needs to be available from numerous places in the course, this means that the published output would end up containing over 100 videos rather than just the dozen that is actually needed.

Then I started thinking about popping these videos on a slide master layer and using that to display the videos... however, this creates other issues in the course (e.g. the CC and pause buttons live on the slide and would need to communicate with the slide master layer to interact with the video. Definitely doable, but as this project is almost complete I really want to avoid having to rework all of the slides in this way).

Does anyone know if there is a way that I can add a video to Storyline multiple times, but then only have one copy of that video in the published output? Or any other ideas on how I can get this working would be appreciated. 

Thank you.

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Jason Kramer
Matthew Bibby

Diarmaid... there be reasons mate. 

Rais, good idea, I'll have to explore that. I rarely use the feedback master so tend to forget it exists.

Michael, there were a number of reasons why I was trying to avoid JWPlayer, but I think it's the way I'll have to go.

Thanks for your input all. 

Heya Matthew,

Did you ever discover a workable approach? 

Matthew Bibby

From memory, I ended up reworking the project to use JWPlayer for the videos.

This project was such a nightmare, that afterwards, I spent a few weeks curled up under my desk, rocking back and forth, muttering.

Some say I'm still rocking back and forth and muttering to this day...