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Kevin Linehan

This is really helpful. I noticed that, if the user backs up to a slide before Slide 2 and then moves forward,  Slide 2 will go to Layer 1 instead of the default layer for that slide.  I tried setting Slide 2 base layer's "When revisiting" property to  "Reset to initial state", but that didn't work.  This seems to work:

  • On the slide just before Slide 2, on whatever object has the "Jump to next slide" trigger, add the trigger: Adjust Variable> ShowLayerOnSlide2 > to False > When user clicks.
  • Move this trigger ahead of the "Jump to next slide" trigger. As in Step 5, you want the variable to change prior to jumping to the next slide.



Hi all,

I hope you can help. It s passed a year since the last post, but my issue is with layers and variables so I thought to post here instead of opening a new discussion.

I have developed a course with 4 layers on the home slide.

When users go from home slide to otheter scenes and come back the home slide shows for a fraction of a second a layer and then it hides it.

I check the triggers and they seem to be all in the correct order. There is something I m missing and I cannot figure out.

I hope you can help.

I attached a screenshot of the home slide. Please let me know if you need more info.

Many thanks,




Hi Mats and Ashley,

Many thanks for your replies. I tried removing the transition effect on the home slide and the course now works. The layers is not showing up anymore.

Many thanks to all for your advice and help. You saved me lots of time trying to figure out what the issue was.

Always feel supported in this community! :-)


peter tollner

Hello, so on this same issue....I have figured out how to show a layer from a different slide which is great. My problem now is that when I have hide that layer I am now stuck on that slide. So Slide 1 has a trigger like described in previous posts and can show LayerfromSlide2. When I go to hide said layer, now I am stuck on Slide 2, rather than going back to Slide 1.

My idea for this is that I want to create a few different paths that can lead to LayerfromSlide2 on different slides but when you hide that layer to bring you back to wherever you came from...Slide 1, Slide 3, Slide X, instead of being stuck on Slide 2. Can anyone help me with this?

The layers from the slide have links to curriculum, and I would rather not replicate those layers onto different slides, thus creating new places that I would have to maintain in the future. There are multiple segments of business that use some of the same curricula, so I would rather have those slides reach out to central layers (from slide 2 in this example).



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out here - are you able to share the .story file here with us so that we could take a look? That's always a bit easier to diagnose what may be happening in the .story file if we can look at the triggers/layers and such. You can upload it here using the "add attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window. 

Philippe JEANTY

Hi I have a related question. This is a presentation with many menus, submenus and subunits :(

I could simply get the last slide of each section to have NEXT directed to the Menu that called that section but as i keep revising i forget to erase and reset that NEXT button. So for the time being I wanted to have a  blank slide that i can leave at the end of each section and that blank slide would redirect to the menu. For instance on that last blank slide i would have the following:

Adjust variable > Anomalies_goto_Cortex to TRUE

Jump to Scene > Anomalies > when timeline Start

On the target Scene Anomalies (that has 7 layers) I would have 7 triggers like:

Show Layer "Cortex" > When Timeline Starts > IF > Anomalies_goto_Cortex = True. 

then on layer Cortex I should have

Adjust variable > Anomalies_goto_Cortex to FALSE

Then I could copy that blank slide to all the ends of section and just change that first trigger that adjust the variable.

Does that make sense ? Any better way ? Any mistake i am not seeing ?

Thanks !


Philippe JEANTY

Thanks Leslie

You always have wise advice and I look forward to them! Here is a very cut down version in which I included just the branches related to "Cortical Anomalies". I think it works, I added that same "blank" slide at the end of each section, so now i can modify the sections without disturbing the flow, and this allows to return to that same CORTEX submenu without having to go to the base layer and reselecting

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Philippe! Thanks for sharing. It looks like it's working great. 

One thing I thought of when taking a look... Will your Menu on the left be present in the full course, or was that just there in the sample? If it will be present, you may want to consider removing those 'blank' slides from the menu:

Let me know if you needed me to look closer at something, but it sounds like you nailed it.