Setting Expiration Date Within a Lesson

May 30, 2019

It is vital that our company establishes a deadline within a course for our clients. We used to use Captivate which has a built-in function of expiring a lesson. Storyline does not yet have this feature. However, I have developed an example lesson and documentation that describes, in detail, the procedure for setting up an expiration within a lesson. This has been successfully tested in Review 360 as well as in our LMS as SCORM 2004 Version 3.

Attached is the procedure as well as the lesson file.

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Michael Anderson

I totally agree with Matthew that any code that relies on the client date can be bypassed easily.

Eric, this may not work if the client has their own LMS and must be given the Scorm package to load.

Matthew, have you worked on trying to get the server date at all? I think I may have just found some code that will do the trick. I will post back once I have tested it. I guess the only issue with that is that a programmer could edit the code and deactivate it in the published Scorm content.

Will Grasse

This is what we've had to do. Publishing a SCORM package to send to a client so they can load it on their own LMS. I guess there's always a work-around, but for most "honest" folks, hopefully, it's not worth resetting their system date every time they want to take a course. At least for us, it's a violation of copyright and contract. Still....

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