Specifying a value to a fill-in-the-blank question

Jan 24, 2016


I have a fill-in-the-blank question which involves spelling a 6-letter word.  The user is awarded X marks for 4-5 correct letters and Y marks for 1-3 correct letters.

Can any one advise how / if this can be achieved in Storyline 1 ?

Many thanks.

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Wendy Farmer

H Ide

see attach update to your slide.

You weren't making use of the correct/incorrect buttons offstage with the triggers that would be executed on submit.

You were also referencing TextEntry6 and it's TextEntry1.

I have duplicated your slide and then made the changes so it's the second slide.

Íde O'Neill

Hi Wendy

Apologies for the delay and once again, many, many thanks for taking the time to respond.  I have some question concerning the Exam_Quiz file and another file (Quiz_1 (error) which incorporates the first issue you addressed.

In Exam_Quiz_3_WF (see above) can you please explain why you inserted 1=%TextEntry1% when the 'Text Entry' box accommodates the answer?  I should explain, in response to your previous question, the learner can earn 1 mark, if the answer 'traffic' is submitted and 2 marks, if the longer option is offered.  Hence the use of the counter in this slide.

In Quiz_1 (error), I am encountering two error messages:

Slide 4 offers me the old reliable 'Invalid Answer' but does acknowledge the Correct submission while the Review slide indicates a number of correct answers as being Incorrect.

My gratitude is boundless! :-)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ide

to answer your question - I put the 1=%TextEntry1% box on screen to make sure the trigger was capturing the correct variable - as your trigger had %TextEtnry6% in it so that was just a checking mechanism for me - it can be removed I just left it there to show you.

So just confirming your query:

for the new quiz question 'traffic' - the correct answer (longer) will score them 2 points and the incorrect answer (traffic) will score them 1 point. Is that correct?

Are you on skype might be quicker to communicate - here is my skype name if you want to hook up wendy.farmer2111

Wendy Farmer

Slide 4 - when you set the correct answers in the form view you don't need to add all the triggers of when to show the correct or incorrect layer - you can remove all the triggers below and just leave the submit interaction trigger.

In this slide I get the correct and incorrect responses as required

Íde O'Neill

Hi Wendy

Many thanks for being so kind with your patience and your responses.  You're a gem!

I have decided to alter my approach to the 'Traffic' question i.e.: exam_quiz_3, since there are too many possible variations a learner might enter as a response and I don't want to try and predict all the variations (which could render one or other incorrect) I have opted for a multiple choice question instead.  

Thanks a million for pointing out my error in the Multiple Response question - makes perfect sense now!

Once again ... 

Grazie moltissimo!!

P.S.: Would love to Skype sometime - give me a idea of suitable day / time and will connect! :-)

Íde O'Neill

Hi Wendy

Two more questions for you!

In Exam_Quiz_3 how can I ensure that the value recorded by the Counter appears in the Results slide (not the actual mark awarded in Form View)  For example, the attached question has two possible correct answers with two possible values i.e.: 1 mark for the answer 'Traffic' and 2 marks for the more extended answer indicated in the slide trigger.

In Exam_Quiz_4 , I am confronted with a similar difficulty.

Your expertise and insights are invaluable as always!  

Wendy Farmer

Sorry Ide I'm still confused why you are using the counter.

If you make the scores in the form view for the quiz 3 question

2 marks for a correct answer which would be 'the traffic in the narrow streets can be terrible'


1 mark for the incorrect answer 'traffic' that will display in the result slide

So in effect you are saying 'traffic' is incorrect but I'm giving you 1 mark anyway.

I also removed the second trigger you had on the correct button so that only the longer answer is correct and the shorter answer is incorrect and updated the incorrect trigger to be = to 'traffic'

See if the attached works for you and then we can look at quiz 4

Íde O'Neill

Hi Wendy

I am at another workstation as I type, so I don't have access to Storyline at the moment.

You are correct in your reading of the question.  The learner can be correct in submitting either response ('traffic' or  'the traffic in the narrow streets can be terrible').  However, the first option accrues 1 mark, while the second option accrues 2 marks.

I am using the Counter to record both / either learner input because the Pick One quiz slide (if memory serves me) will only allow the 'By Question' option and not 'By Choice', therefore I cannot assign a separate value to each of the possible correct responses.

Does this make sense?  I'm sorry for my lack of clarity.

Íde O'Neill

Yes, Wendy.  The learner will see the Correct layer if either option is chosen. However, the record should indicate the value of the option chosen i.e.: 1 mark or 2 marks.

I am also toying around with the idea of using a 'Partially Correct' layer for the 1 mark option but for the moment, I would be happy to go with the option listed above as the learner could view the alternative in the Quiz Review.

Many thanks for your help on this one, Wendy. :-)

Wendy Farmer

But if we do as I have done above and give 2 marks to the long answer and 1 mark to the short answer as per the form view of the quiz slide, that is what is reflected on the Result slide - isn't that what you are aiming for?

Short answer is showing 1 point (at the moment I haven't changed to be correct so showing 50%) but you don't have to show the percentage on the result slide you can customise as you want.

Long answer is showing 2 points

Sorry if I am not getting what you are after


Íde O'Neill

Hi again Wendy,

just another thought re your last post...

What I am trying to achieve is to capture the learner input and assign an appropriate value to the relevant submission i.e.: short answer=1 point; longer answer=2 points but I cannot achieve that using the slides available in Storyline 2 (at least not that I can find).  

By including a Counter, I had hoped to be able to capture the learner input and record the relevant value thereby circumventing the default marking mechanism include in the slide itself.

Does that make sense to you?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ide,

I just reviewed this thread quickly, as it looks like you and Wendy did a lot of work over the weekend, but in regards to your latest query you mentioned circumventing the default marking mechanism and I wanted to share that the "results.scorepoints" is not something that is accessible via triggers, so if you were looking at updating that based on how the user answered with your counter, that isn't something that you can do using the built in functionality of Storyline. 

Íde O'Neill

Hi Wendy

I just downloaded the Exam_Quiz_3_a__ION-WF.story file.

If the learner submits the longer version of the answer, a score of 2 is correctly recorded since that is the score attributed to the correct answer in Form View.  If there is no way to record the second possible answer as 'Correct', then I will use the option you outlined above i.e': Incorrect but awarded 1 mark which could then be explained in the Review section. 

As an aside, this may have some very obvious explanation but, when the learner gets 2 marks for the correct answer, why does the Review slide indicate that the answer was Incorrect? Has it something to do with the Counter?

Once again, Wendy, thank you so much for your forbearance! 

Íde O'Neill

Hi Wendy

just  a note to tidy up this thread.

It would appear that the value attributed to a question in 'Form View' mode, is the only value that is calculable and cannot be overridden by the use of a 'Counter' variable, as I was trying to do.  My workaround has been to offer the question (with the two correct options) as as MCQ.

Thanks again for all your help, Wendy!

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