Storyline 3 output running slower than Storyline 2 in browser

May 06, 2017

Anyone else run into this?

I took a Storyline 2 file that I had output for my Wordpress site (and LMS) and output them in Storyline 3.... chose HTML5/Flash, so HTML would be first to run... and output them also for mobile as Horizontal Only.

Loaded it up on my WP site.... and it worked... USING CHROME ... but when I home to my 4 year old computer (Windows 10, 4 megs of ram, Pentium processor).... 2.4 ghz wifi... the New files don't even give me the a preview.. no image... just the outline of the box.... when I go to the old files (on same web site... and same computer).... the files appear and play. 


are the files just simply much bigger? or is it the HTML5?

or does ANYONE have an idea what is going on.

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John Walston


Well, actually, the Storyline 3 files were slower on both computers, but they did show up on one.... just a lag in showing up..... I also tested the same file as a Storyline 2 file and had no problem on either.

I did notice that the zip file for the Storyline 3 version is about 17megs... the zip file for the Storyline 2 version was around 14 megs... 

the test URL can be found at:


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks John - it loaded for me instantly in Firefox and Safari - but Chrome, nothing loaded at all. Even with the mobile version. Can you share a copy of the .story file too? I'd like to test publishing it and loading it to another site? If you can't share here in the public forums let me know and I can send you a link to share it directly with me. 

John Walston

Ashley, I got your note.... thanks for checking...... Not aware of any issues with our LMS or Chrome.... things were working fine with SL2.... actually, we are using LEARNDASH for Wordpress and are using TIN CANNY.

I think there's a real possibility that our current Web server is not powerful enough to do what we need..... I'll keep digging.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I know the market for LMSs and hosting servers is pretty expansive - so we tend to let the community of experts weigh in on those discussions! We test our content using some standards such as SCORM Cloud and Amazon S3 hosting.  If you run into issues with specific set ups though - we're always interested to hear about it and work with folks on their team to offer ideas, solutions, and figure out next steps. Feel free to have them get in touch with our Support Engineers here! 

Ben McKenna

Hey, I found this thread through Google search after experiencing a similar issue today. 

We've been developing using Storyline 2 for a while - lots of high quality images, buttons and elements flying onto the screen with fancy animations, etc. Functionality has never been 100% perfect (HTML5 did have a habit of freezing fly-in animations and using the wrong direction for animated wipes), but performance has been reasonably okay for mobile devices (testing mainly on iPad's Safari browser).

The issue is we're looking at upgrading to Storyline 3 in the future - it looks like it has a lot of exciting new features, by the way - but the performance of some of our old courses on iPad is notably worse than Storyline 2's HTML5 output. The source of the problem appears to be animations, but I'm not entirely certain. 

For example, I had a slide with 4 buttons which flew in one after the other at 0.75 seconds each. I loaded the slide on iPad and had to wait about 3 seconds for the first button to stutter in from the right-hand side of the screen, despite the fact that the animation was supposed to occur at the start of the timeline. It probably took about 10 seconds to load and complete all of the button animations! It's weird to say the least, because these same animations would run effortlessly using SL2's output. Load times between slides appear to be worse too.

Maybe I haven't optimized the output settings but they appear to be the equivalent of what we would use for SL2 (SL2: 100% image quality, Flash+HTML5 --> SL3: 100% image quality, Flash+HTML5 fallback)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ben,

I'd expect things to work the same - but I'd also want to know a bit more about what ipad you're using. Do you know the iPad version and the iOS? Also - could you share a copy of your .story file with us (even if you wanted to strip down to a few slides?) that way I can test upgrading to Storyline 3 to see how it behaves. 

Just upload it here using the "Add Attachment" button in the reply window! 

John Lord

Hi there,

I've just found this thread as I'm having a lot of difficulty with HTML5 courses in Storyline 3 as well. 

When we publish a new course in HTML5 with Flash fallback, the E-Learning modules are very slow and the animations randomly don't work. I thought this was due to them having a lot of rich content in them as it takes a while for the screens to load.

However, we have recently re-published a lot of older modules in HTML5 with Flash fallback which used to run smoothly and now you have to wait for EVERY slide to load even when it's just a picture and a bit of text on the slide. 

It's giving our users a very poor experience and is frustrating as modules just don't work anymore. 

Can you please help? 



Wendy Steele

We are having a similar issue with Storyline 2 content that was republished in Storyline 3 for the web using the HTML5/Flash publish option. These Storyline 3 files are very inconsistent with not loading or taking 5 minutes to load. Also, once loaded, then it takes a minute or more to load each slide when the next button is selected. The Storyline 3 published content is housed on a web server, and has been tested in the latest versions of IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Edge was the only browser the Storyline 3 published content worked - there was not a delay in loading or going from slide to slide. It is hit or miss if the content loads in IE or Firefox, and it never loads in Chrome. When the published files were in Storyline 2 the content loaded immediately and there was not a delay.

Murl Sprout

Using the trial version of Storyline 360 I've published for LMS using "HTML5-only" and "Flash/HTML5." In both cases I notice that images are delayed in displaying when any/all timeline(s) start. This behavior happens both on our LMS and in Articulate 360 Review. If you replay the slide, the image shows up immediately but it's not really cached -- if I close and reopen the course, it happens again. This file is upgraded from the file I normally use in Storyline2 and this never happens when publishing from Storyline2. It looks awful and -- even worse -- makes me look incompetent because it doesn't look like it's taking a second to load, it looks like I've screwed up placement on the timeline or something. The other IDs already laugh at me and beat me up, please tell me I can fix this so they don't have a legitimate reason to do so. 

David Guillemette

Hi ! Glad to see I'm not the only one having issues with HTML 5 export on Articulate 3. After few tests with the old Articulate 2 projects, there's no way to get smooth and fast HTML 5 files. With new project however, exporting HTML 5 for web give me a perfect result, but exporting for LMS does not work well. There's a blank page or, if I'm lucky, lag issues. 

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