Storyline 360 Publish to Word 2013 Not Working

Apr 03, 2017

I am trying to publish my project to word to send to our team to review.  It acts like it is publishing to word and gives the message that it has been successful, however, no document is created.  Is anyone else having that issue?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joann! Sorry this is giving you headaches. I have a few questions that'll help me narrow down why this could be happening:

  • Are you working from your local hard drive? If you're working on a network drive, or any other external storage, that might be causing the trouble. 
  • Is the file name long, or does it contain special characters or symbols? If so, try shortening it and/or removing the special characters.
  • Does this happen with all Storyline 360 files, or just this one in particular? If it's just the one in particular, try importing the slides from the original file into a new file, and let me know if that does the trick.
Joann Sharp

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for your response. To answer your questions:

Yes, I am working from my hard drive. The file name is not long and does not contain any special characters. It is happening on all my 360 files. I was recently upgraded to Office 2013 and for some reason can no longer export to word. I'm not sure if it is a 360 issue or a Word 2013 issue. The last time I imported to word I was using Storyline 2 and Word 2007.

Joann Sharp


Tsvety P.

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply!

Articulate Review is working fine while doing drafts of the courses to get the feedback of the stakeholders but we need a printable/paper copy of all the learning modules for Doc control (medical device company here - strict guidelines for doc control), so the Word export is mandatory for us or export to PDF or print to PDF - anything that will produce a paper copy of the course. Right now I'm going manually through every slide of the courses making screenshots and it's taking very long and valuable time :(



Robert Renk

Same issue here. No problem before the update. Now I cannot publish to Word. I'm running Word 2016 and Office 360. I'm in the middle of storyboard review so I need the images, notes and layers. Hope to hear a resolution soon, or is it possible to roll back to the previous version, before this week's updates? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

I'm sorry that this slowed you all down - but I've got good news.  The publish-to-Word feature in Storyline 360 and Studio 360 that temporarily stopped working has been fixed. Just install the latest software update. Here's how.

If Articulate 360 doesn't notify you right away about the new update, open your Articulate 360 desktop app, click the drop-down arrow next to your profile picture in the upper right corner, then choose "Check for Updates."

Thanks again for reporting it and sticking with us during the fix. 😀

Megan Ruffino

Hi Team, I have downloaded the latest updates but am still having trouble publishing to Word 2016 from Storyline 360,  It looks as if it's publishing but then freezes.  No Word document is created and the app won't respond.  I am currently using the 30-day trial, would this make a difference?  I have a deadline and need the Word output as soon as possible.  Please help.