Storyline 360 - Reset 'restricted' menu on course restart (after quiz failure)


We're using the 'restricted' menu feature for a storyline 360 course, which works fine the first time going through the course.

However, if a user fails the end quiz, we're sending the user back to the start of the course (&resetting the quiz), but we can't seem to find how to reset the menu again, so that the user can't immediately jump forward to the quiz again.

Is there a way to reset the progress made in a 'restricted' menu?


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Earl Green

I have the same issue here. Storyline 360 3.52.25247.0 installed. Windows 10, MS Edge Browser, Cornerstone LMS.

Many of our courses are dealing Safety and/or Regulatory issues where the learner really needs to know the material. Letting them just jump to taking another swing at the quiz questions isn't really acceptable.