Storyline 360's software simulation

I am doing a bit of research for my company.   We have roughly 12 eLearning developers that manage our 300 courses.  Our courses are updated on a 6-month cycle and are typically used for demos and "how-to" videos on our proprietary software.

We've been using Captivate since we began and are in between a subscription to Cap2017 and SL360.  We do not necessarily track a pass/fail score, as most of our courses are customer facing and support their adoption of our software.

From the developer's experience, how does SL360's demo and software simulation compare to Captivate 9/2017's version?  

Are there any pitfalls or issues that we should be aware of before making a decision?

Keep in mind, our current use is roughly 90% demo and a walk through a process while the remaining 10% includes knowledge transfer/minor knowledge assessments.

Thanks in advance, this has always been a great community!

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