Storyline as a web site development tool?

Are there reasons why I couldn't or shouldn't build a web site using Articulate? I'm not a web site developer by profession but I need to build several relatively simple web sites pretty quickly. I've been using Articulate for a couple of months and if I can use Articulate to create my web sites, I won't have to learn a web tool. 

Is it as simple as publishing an Articulate project as HTML-5 and then uploading the appropriate files and directories to my web host? 

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide. 

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Steve Flowers

Only caution with Storyline's HTML5 output is accessibility is limited (as in non-existent). Folks that use assistive technology won't be able to get to your site in the HTML5 output. Publishing to a split output (Flash with HTML5 as a secondary) would provide some glimmer of hope for people with disabilities.