Storyline example: Astro-School

Jul 13, 2016

Win the trip of a lifetime

At Loughborough College, we have been using Storyline for quite some time and thought it might be a good time to show an example of what we are getting up to.

Recently we ran an eLearning training day. Before the day staff had to complete a pre-task challenge to grant them their place.

This challenge was created on storyline 2 to;

1.  Generate excitement for the day

2.  Set the scene for the training day

3.  Check for prior learning

4.  Give staff knowledge that they would be assessed on during the day

We thought you might like a little look. Let us know if you have any feedback below.


Attempt the Astro-School challenge (you will need speakers/headphones)


Thanks to Bastiaan Timmer for the matching game template, Nasa for the image above and for the awesome music.

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Tanya Storm

Loving this! I got stuck on the "Closest to the Sun" screen in the under pressure section - it advises to "drag your answer over the one you think is correct." My answer was a planet, so I kept trying to drag the word Mercury, as that was my answer. I think maybe it should say drag the question to your answer, or something like that? I was fully stuck, til Ashley told me what to drag.

Matt Aldred

Hi all,

Wow! comments everywhere :) Thanks for all the lovely feedback. 

Chris - This is a tricky one to answer! We had had a few team sessions where we were coming up with more interesting ways to deliver content through Storyline. Then when we came to this project we went back and pilfered some of the ideas/templates from these and several ongoing projects (This included the Tenebris game). So to pull it togeather probably took 2-3 full days (and a lot of swearing at triggers/ feedback slides etc) but that doesn't take into account all the other hours of generating ideas and templates that really made it. 

Long story short - I'm basically saying I have no idea... 

Peggy - I don't know if I still have the original file from Bastian's work (sad that he has gone - that template was really useful!) but I will have a rethemed version that should work.  I'm just finishing the Tenebris template and then I will find it and clean it up. If I don't get back in touch in a week (I'm a tad busy!) message me and I'll get on it.  

Matt Aldred

Hi Peggy,

I thought I would have a quick search for Bastiaan and I must have put a wrong link in somewhere!  Below is his Big five matching game.

Apologies for the dead link - I've checked and the download still works.