Storyline Framerate for animated GIFs?

Jul 31, 2015

I'm doing some testing with animated GIFs,  and it seems like the animated GIFs play a lot slower in the Storyline files both in preview and once published.  Is this a bug or is SL playing the GIFs at a slower rate? I don't remember this being the case before the update.

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Jerson  Campos

Hi Rebecca,

To adjust the frame rate of GIF you'll need to use an outside tool.  Photoshop can make these adjustments. I'm sure there are other GIF animation applications that can do this also. 

The problem is that Storyline 2 likes to play it at a much slower rate.  I'm hoping they fix this soon. I have big plans for it's use.

Jerson  Campos

Both of these gifs were pulled off the web.


For some reason there are no issues with the dancing banana in SL. It previews fine and publishes fine. The other one will display at about 1/2 the rate.

I've been doing a little testing. I have been creating animated gifs in photoshop with a wide number of settings from changing the number of colors to the frames, and the size. None of it seemed to work until one of my coworker's animated gifs worked.  I copied his settings and I still couldn't get it to work. I erased his animation, and created a new animation in the same PSD file, and exported and it worked.  (worked as there was no noticeable delay between the exported gif and the animated gif in the SL preview). I have no idea why.  

I'll keep testing things out and see if i can create an animated gif from start to finish and work in SL in a consistant basis.

Jerson  Campos

Coworker found this on a forum.  He encountered the same issue when he imported his GIF into powerpoint.  Maybe this applies to SL too.


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Office 2000


When you preview Web pages created from an Office program, animated GIF
may play very rapidly. In contrast, the same GIF file may play more slowly
viewed directly from your Web browser.


Some types of animated GIF files are "Multi-Imaged" GIFs. They use a
looping structure than other GIF files, called "Multi-Framed" GIFs. The
Multi-Imaged GIF uses a LOOP command. The LOOP command is not recognized
the GIF is used in Office or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

Multi-Framed GIFS contain a frame-delay value between each picture frame.
Multi-Imaged GIFS do not. If there are no frame-delay values between
frames, the
Office VGX engine defaults to a 10 millisecond delay between frames.
Explorer 5 defaults to 100 millisecond delay, which is much slower than the
delay in Office programs.


To resolve this problem, use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Do Not Use Multi-Imaged GIF Files

Do not use Multi-Imaged GIF files in your document, as they will animate
quickly. Office contains no means of altering the frame-delay value of GIF

Method 2: Alter the Frame Delay Value

Alter the frame-delay value of the GIF image in another program. Several
third-party programs are capable of inserting or altering the frame-delay
for animated GIF files.

The third-party products discussed here are manufactured by vendors
of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these
products' performance or reliability.

The following example demonstrates how to change the frame-delay value of a
Multi-Imaged GIF using Corel Photo-Paint 8.0.

1. In Corel Photo-Paint, click Open on the File menu.

2. Select your animated GIF, and change Partial Load to Full Image in the
   appropriate list. Click Open.

3. On the Movie menu, click Frame Rate.

4. Click each frame individually and adjust the Frame Delay, displayed in
   top of the window. Alternatively, click Select All, and then alter the
   Delay for all frames simultaneously. The frame delay is measured in
   milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds).

5. Click OK to apply your changes.

6. On the File menu, click Save. Check the File Settings and Frame
Settings, and
   then click OK to save the file. (For more information about how these
   will affect your animated GIF file, consult the Help file or product

The animated GIF file will now play at the speed set within Photo-Paint for
PowerPoint and Internet Explorer.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeanne,

I don't have an update to share at this time, but it is something our QA team is currently investigating and once we have additional information to share we'll update this thread or similar ones. Thanks for reaching out and now that you've responded you'll be subscribed and should receive email notifications from ELH when there are replies here.